I attended The Hood HOA meeting this week.  Our new president does a great job of getting us in there and out in one hour.  A couple of times during the meeting something was said which provoked the angst of the crowd and it was amazing how quickly we went from a meeting to a melee.  I LOVE my Hood and my neighbors, but we all tend to get a little excited over drainage ditches, street lights and a couple of other subjects.  It would all begin with murmuring and quickly escalate to everyone in the room talking at once.  We all tend to get louder and louder when trying to talk over others.  Trying to rein the crowd back to order was no small task for the president.  It was reminiscent of these two


I am no fan of drama--and most of the time I am smart enough to walk away.  BUT there are times I get caught up in the middle of "He said that she said that my first cousin's brother in law's mother's sister's best friend does not like you."  WHO?  AND why should I care?  Drama has a way of edging its way into the conversation and the drama button grows with the size of the group.  Perhaps this is the reason I am more comfortable in smaller groups.  Let's keep the drama to a minimum and preferably on the stage!

There was a party, there is a club, we went to the movie, were you at the game?  All invitations to hurt feelings over exclusion.  Recently I was asked about attending a party and began to realize how quickly we jump to conclusions which are far from the truth.  AND even if there was a party and I was not invited--SO WHAT?

My son is marrying at the end of the month.  He and his bride are paying for their own wedding.  This has made them very cognizant of the cost of it all.  I have laughingly told friends who have asked about the wedding, "It is not my wedding and I am not making the invitation list."  Most would be thrilled to not have to make a several hour journey and pay for a hotel for the weekend, but some will feel left out.  What is important to remember is this is their wedding and their friends and family should be invited.  When you start getting the next layer out---money is a big factor.  Weddings are not inexpensive.  

Where could I possibly be going?  I, for one, am REALLY FAR from junior high and it is time to put junior high drama behind me.  Hurt feelings over being excluded, talked about, not liked, are best brushed aside.  We can't all be invited to a dinner when there are only chairs for eight at the table.  If someone is talking about me, they must not have much to talk about.  AND thank goodness we are all different--it makes a really interesting world--but by the same token, we are not going to all like each other--because we are different.

I run from drama--if you would care to join my running club--you are welcome.  The only credentials necessary are no need for drama.  There are much more important things to consider in life than petty drama over a hill of beans.  Look to that which is eternal and turn and flee from that which is temporal.  Leave the world to The World.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, 
but on what is unseen,
 since what is seen is temporary, 
but what is unseen is eternal
II Corinthians 4:18


  1. Thanks, Lulu.

    It is best to avoid it. I used to think all of us outgrew drama as we got older, but I find I still have to swerve to miss it.

    1. I love that! Yes, swerving is necessary as we go through our day! Thanks for that word picture, Samdi!

  2. Some very good points in this post, as ever, Lulu. But first of all, congratulations to your son and future wife to be. I wish them all the best for a lifetime of good health and happiness. God bless them.

    I have a good tip about invitations to weddings. I let my wife invite as many people as she wanted. I included with the invitation a map showing where the church and reception hotel are. BUT ... I put the wrong church and hotel on the map. All guests went somewhere else miles away. We had a quiet and peaceful, and not so expensive, wedding. (I hope my wife does not read your Blog).

    You don't seem to mind whether people talk about you or not. I wish more people would talk about me. I am an interesting person, you know.

    God bless.

    1. If we are being talked about, some other poor soul is being given a rest, Victor! Also if I am the subject of conversation, they must be bored to tears!

      Thank you for the well wishes for my son & soon to be daughter-in-law. Pretty sure there are more grands in my future. NOW THAT is a happy thought!
      Blessings, My Friend!!

  3. Yep, I flee from drama as quickly as possible, Lulu. There are so many more important things in life, aren't there? Congratulations to your son and his wife-to-be; I'm sure it will be a lovely time of celebration for you all!

    1. I love to quote, “Ain’t nobody got time for that !” Thank you for the well wishes for the couple. They are a great fit!
      Blessings, My Friend


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