It certainly is NO secret that I have no secrets!  I am guilty of telling it all--well all worthy of writing about.  Why, you might ask yourself, would I be willing to tell you--some of you strangers- all the gory details of my life?  

Two reasons-

I refuse to give any power to the secrets which have already claimed my time, energy, and emotion.  We have talked before of the strangling hold secrets can have on our lives.  We understand the reason for secrecy--usually shame.  The futile attempt of masquerade as someone we are not is exhausting.  Shame looses every time we are willing to live the truth.  Let's face it--none of us can claim sainthood on our own merit.

The fame and popularity gained while hiding our secrets is plagued with holes.  We might be liked, but the one who is liked is not the real us--but instead our creation ~while hiding behind the mask of half truths.  The Sly One is whispering in our ear--"They will not like you if they know all about you."  AND WE BELIEVE the old forked tongue deceiver.  The truth of the matter is~well in my little corner of the universe~I appreciate those who are willing to be honest with me.  Playing games--especially Who Am I Today? -- drives me away faster than a hot knife through butter.  Honesty and willingness to be up front with who you are is one of the most important traits I look for in a friend.  Consistency is the key--be the real you--yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

And Number Two

If ONE person is touched, encouraged, strengthened or enlightened by my words of experience and truth, mission accomplished.  As we teach our children the lessons we have learned with experience, I am relaying the sometimes hard learned lessons life has shown me.  Perhaps what I say does not resonant with you, then move on to your next thing.  Every blog will not touch every reader.  BUT if one person learns where my strength comes from when facing disappoints, trails, and pain~then it is all worthwhile.

I had quite a few comments about my willingness to be truthful after a recent blog.  The truth of the matter is--some things I had really rather forget.  We cannot forget what has happened in our lives.  We can take each and every occurrence and treat it as a lesson which we learn from and pass the lesson along.  All the lessons have not been hard--all the occurrences were not shameful--but each and every step along the way has shaped who I am today.  I am willing to share and thankful for your comments that you were touched.

I would not fail to impart wisdom to my children and grands.  I just take it a step farther and share it with you, my good friends.

I am no King Solomon, but like him, I am willing to write what I have found to be truth.  I am deeply thankful for those of you who are willing to read and comment.

12 Is not wisdom found among the aged?
 Does not long life bring understanding?
Job 12:12


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  1. And I, for one, certainly enjoy your candor and your wisdom, Lulu, along with your willingness to share with all of us. Hope you have a blessed weekend!


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