You all know I am an introvert.  That does not mean I desire to be by myself all of the time.  In fact, I consider myself very social.  It does mean I need time alone to re-energize and think.

I love this quote from Oscar Wilde.  The last few years I have discovered who I am by being alone.  Introspection is a great tool and impossible to do while in the company of others.

There are times when I do have too much alone time.  Negative thoughts begin to creep into my head during those times.  I begin to doubt who I know I am and more time alone is not my friend.

 The voice whispering in my ear all those negative thoughts is NOT the voice of God.  It is the one who comes to seek, kill, and destroy.  Any time spent on these negative thoughts is time away from being used by God for His glory and good pleasure.   The discipline I must practice is comparing what I am hearing to what God has promised in His Word.  If it does not measure up, He is not saying it.  Then I must denounce the liar and proclaim the truth.  For you see, even when I am alone, I am truly never alone.

This is one truth that is undeniable.  

Be strong and courageous.
 Do not be afraid or terrified because of them,
 for the Lord your God goes with you;
 he will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Deuteronomy 31:6


  1. All the lonely people
    Where do they all come from?
    All the lonely people
    Where do they all belong? (The Beatles)

    There are many lonely people in the world. The old, trapped in their homes and lonely. The poor and destitute with no families. The sick in hospital or at home with no one to visit them. The disabled. Those with mental health problems. Those in prison.

    I used to visit an old lady. Her mind was very sharp despite her age. She told me once, "I am trapped within my own body!" Her old age and illness kept her trapped from doing what she wished to do.

    Let us pray for all the lonely people. Where do they all come from? Despite technology and communications; they are still lonely and forgotten.

    God bless.

  2. I'm an introvert, too, Lulu, but I do enjoy being around others, just as long as I get my quiet time. And too much alone time, as you say here, can open the avenue of negative thoughts if we let it. When I find myself slip-sliding in that direction, I pray, remembering I'm God's child, and precious in His sight.
    Blessings, my friend!

  3. I think you are also a very complex person, Loralu James and a gifted writer.

    1. Complex--yet simple. I have been accused in the past of over-thinking. I can't seem to turn that off. I had wonderful teachers on the writing front--including your mother. I am thankful for all they poured into me.
      Blessings, Ronnie!


Your comments keep my writing and often cause me to think. A written form of a hug or a pat on the back and an occasional slap into reality---I treasure them all!