These people came for a visit during the last part of their Spring Break.  It was eventful to say the least.  THIS is the only picture I have of the days they were with me.  Telling you I was too busy is an understatement!

The normal four hour trip took five and half--they drove through the big front we had come through last week.  Cell phones are wonderful, but I hesitated calling when I began to worry in case I was a distraction during horrible driving conditions.  They swept in with all the force of a level five tornado, but they were here!

Within 20 minutes of arriving, the little one was moaning over her stomach hurting.  This was the precursor of the EVIL stomach bug going through all four of them!  If someone can please explain to me WHY the throwing up all happens in the middle of the night, I am waiting with bated breath.  Between cleaning up the mess, washing dirty linens, and trying to find something which might help, we were up to our eyeballs in alligators.  This particular strain of the virus came with excruciating  stomach cramps.  I went through my list of home remedies on a quest for ANYTHING to help.  Finally it seemed ice bags on the stomach gave a little relief.  My dear neighbors probably thought we were committing child abuse with the constant yelling in pain.  It would have unnerved the staunchest stoic.  

During the brief periods of time when there was no retching or writhing in pain, they would be outside creating wonderful mayhem.  I walked out one time to find them with a car seat in the wagon going down the steep neighbor's drive. That ended in disaster, but thankfully no broken bones.  

When they left, we thought they were all better, but NO.  One of the grands lost his cookies again once they arrived at home.  POOR MOM!  Dad is working at the ER--she has four kids and one is throwing up.  Chaos!  SHE is a TROOPER and does not get here feathers ruffled easily.

NOW THAT DID NOT WORK OUT AS I FORESAW!  I had plans in place and fun things to do all lined up.  That plan quickly faded when the first victim fell.  No park, no trampoline park, no feeding mini horses~in fact the only thing we did was go for a brief visit to the military museum.  We also watched a movie--or two or three--but not on the big screen.  We rolled with the punches.

You might think the time together was all a disaster, but I don't.  I count it all as joy.  The kids were here--I put my eyes on them--we read, played board games, watched television, and ate crackers and drank Gatorade while together.  I heard about school, friends, and what is happening in their lives.  
It is always a good day--no matter the circumstance when I am with the grands.

We are told to count all as joy in The Word.  Sometimes we have to really look for the joy, but in most cases there is always something to be thankful for.  In the midst of the worst day, there is always some blessing.  In this case, I am thankful for seeing the grands~even in the midst of spoiled plans.  This is definitely a trip we will not forget and it is all about making memories~some good and some not so good~but always a memory.

Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way,
 consider it an opportunity for great joy.
James 1:2


  1. You certainly made the best of your circumstances, Lulu. Yes, grands are great, no matter what! Glad you could find some joy in the moments you had with them.

  2. May God bless you and your whole family always.


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