Our pastor told a wonderful story this past Sunday that bears repeating.  He was with his 8 year old son saying evening prayers. When they finished he asked the boy if he prayed other times than when they prayed together.  As only an 8 year old can be, he was totally honest and told his father, "No."  The dad questioned him further and asked, "Why?"  The boy looked at his father and said, "He doesn't talk back."

What is not to love about this story?  Out of the mouth of babes come severe truths and hard to answer questions.  I will never forget one of my children looking at my huge belly when I was close to delivering one of their siblings and asking, "How's that baby going to get out of there?"  G U L P!  

God's Word is filled with examples of those who do not feel they are hearing from God.  David, the man after God's own heart, laments in the Psalms,
"How long, O Lord?  Will you forget me forever?" Psalm 13:1  The Book of Job would have you believing that God had turned from Job, in God's own words, "A blameless and upright man."  The silence of God can be deafening when we are in our lowest moments.  The question becomes, "Does God speak to us?"

As I have thought this story of not hearing from God over, I was reminded of what we have discussed in Small Group during our study of this book,

One of sections speaks on the four parts of our soul~


If we are God's creation, it stands to reason, this is also how he created our soul.  Does God not use our soul as his pipeline to communicate with us?  He sent His Holy Spirit to be our comforter.  Does it come and go--if we are not "feeling" comforted?  Are those conscience nudging moments coming from us?  Does the song of praise which brings tears of joy flow from our human emotion?  Without a soul, we would be a vast chasm with no individual thought.  A body with a brain for the computer--no mind.

God does speak--volumes--as in His Inspired Word--our Guide Book--Instruction Manual.  God does speak--in the marvel of His creation as evidenced all around us--God does speak in that quiet small voice.  The voice in our mind that only we can hear.  The voice with which God uses His Holy Spirit to speak, guide and direct.

Yes, He does talk back.  The question is "Are we listening?"  Not to say that there are not periods of silence, but Why?"  If we are missing His message, is it through fault of our own?  God has spoken to me---NOT in a booming deep God like voice, but with a soft gentle whisper.  I need to be listening, drown out the noise of the world, and expect Him to speak.  Stop, look, and listen should be our mantra when we are seeking God's Voice.  He is faithfully with us~Always~even in the silence.

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10


  1. You ask a very interesting question which has bothered me for some time. "He sent His Holy Spirit to be our comforter. Does it come and go--if we are not "feeling" comforted?"

    We often read/hear that the Holy Spirit of God resides within us, if we invite Him in. But, how long does He stay there? If at times we feel low and our faith a bit shaken, does that mean the Holy Spirit has left? Why does He not remain with us always/for ever?

    Also, why does God speak to us in whispers or in silence when He spoke to Moses and Abraham and others in a booming voice?

    Good post yet again, Lulu. Thanx.

    God bless.

    1. I personally think He is always present with us, Victor. Perhaps there is something about us that keeps us from realizing His presence. Perhaps we are not listening. As for Moses & Abraham, they were men and we all know men appear to be hard of hearing at times, especially when they are watching football on television. You have to shout to get their attention.
      Blessings, My Friend!

    2. Oh you are brilliant, Lulu. What a great sense of humour. Whilst I agree about your comment about football on TV; tell me pray ... why do women like to vacuum clean just when the football game on TV is about to start? What is the point of vacuum cleaning anyway. It'll get dirty again when the dog and the kids come in from the garden. What is this obsession with cleaning? God cannot speak to women because of all the noise they make with their vacuum cleaners.

      God bless you Lulu. Keep smiling. (I like these discussions with you as long as you're not vacuum cleaning at the same time).

    3. oh yes, He's listening! and He longs for us to still ourselves long enough to hear what He's whispering back to our yearning hearts ...

    4. VICTOR, we are just trying to clean up the mess all you people and pets make! If that HAPPENS to be during the football game--perhaps you could help and that might hasten things along! BUT you must do it right--which of course--is our way!
      I'm laughing!

    5. Linda, HOW wonderful to hear His voice. You would think we would do a better job of listening!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Are we listening? That is the key to it all, Lulu. God is present whether or not we "feel" Him or not. We need to slow down and be content in the quiet and solitude. God will speak!


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