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Monday, June 17, 2019








In today's society of advanced plastic surgery and orthopedic miracles, poor old Humpty might could be put together again.  From the looks of things, he for sure will never look the same again, though he will be in one piece.

The floors are finished, I am almost finished painting baseboards, and phase one has almost drawn to completion on the great floor project.  I spent the weekend man handling furniture and trying to get things close to their final home.  Until they come back and put in the baseshoe, things cannot be placed against the wall, so though close, it is not all back in place.  I am getting close to having my home back in one piece.  It does not look the same.  I am a woman, and OF COURSE, some of the furniture and wall decor was changed with the reassembly.  With change comes change.

The April tornado damage is beginning to be repaired.  There are homes which appear to be total losses, that the insurance company has deemed fixable.  It is a slow process.  My friend who has minor home damage has already had it fixed.  Her yard, deck, and pool are another issue.  Her yard is still filled with downed trees, and the deck is sitting under a huge tree which has to be removed before anything can be done. She is already talking about some changes to the deck when they are finally able to begin work.  Her home will be repaired, but there will be changes and, for certain, things will never look the same again.

My nephew had extensive damage to his house, and still no word from the insurance company.  There is so much damage here in Ruston, that we are in it for the marathon, not a sprint. 

The repairs will eventually be done and the debris removed.  A stranger will someday drive through Ruston and never know there was a huge tornado with multi millions of damage.  Those of us, who have been here most of our lives, will know though when we drive through town.  It will be fixed, but it will not be the same.

There are storms throughout life which leave behind damage.  Life will go on, and the damage will be repaired.  The fact is though that things will not look the same--life will be altered.  In some cases, life may be better, but in all cases life will be different.  How we chose to look at the different is a sure indicator of how our life will look.

The Word is filled with examples of those who underwent life altering incidents.  Loss of home, loss of loved ones, loss of status, and even loss of first born children are only a few of those life changers mentioned.  The question always became How do you go on?  One step at a time---one foot in front of the other---with the sure hope that tomorrow can be good again.  It can only be good if we allow ourselves to recognize the good.  Life is filled with change--but God is present in the midst of all change.  He is never surprised and can use all things for His purpose and our good.  Change is inevitable.  How we deal with change becomes the question.  God is good--even in change---He is good.

Praise be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of all compassion and the God of all comfort,
who comforts us in all our troubles,
so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort
we ourselves have received from God.
II Corinthians 1:3-4


  1. Oh, yes, change can be good or bad, but it is inevitable, Lulu. Praying for the Ruston community!

    1. It will take months to get it all repaired, Martha. Thank you for praying.
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Keeping those affected in prayer, sweet friend. I do love your change of the flooring, smiles. PS Been there and done that with life altering issues/changes/things etc. I am firm believer of pulling up ones boot straps and moving on...and I know for some, that is not possible.

    1. AMEN, My Friend. Make the most of where you are--OR--Bloom Where You Are Planted.


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