One of the things we did while I was in Fort Worth was go to the movie.  They make these seats WAY too comfortable.  Turn down the lights, cool air blowing, feet up and head back often leads to a nap.  The movie kept me wide awake and spell bound, so thankfully no nap after purchasing a ticket.

"Aladdin" has been re-done and the new and improved version did not disappoint.  Will Smith was superb as The Genie.  The age old story has been made and made again with success.  There are new characters this time around, additions to the story, a little touch of feminism, and a new song to name a few of the changes.

As with most stories, the message remains the same.  The story revolves around boy meeting girl and falling in love, boy changing who he is in an effort to get girl, boy losing girl after the truth comes out, and finally boy learns lesson and sacrifices himself for the sake of the girl.  OF COURSE, he wins the girl in the end---IT'S A MOVE---but not without learning a great lesson.  Be true to who you are!

I would dare say I am not the only one who has tried to fit in by morphing into the image of those I am around.  We are created with a need for relationships and this drives us to seek the companionship of others.  Especially for those of us with less self confidence, we have a tendency to strive to please, to adapt to our surroundings, to conform to the norm in an effort to be accepted.  Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow, and we often allow ourselves to be blown by the wind of status quo in an effort to maintain our relationships.  This tendency will almost always jump up and bite us in the rear.  Though we may try our best~our true colors are going to show at some point. (Remember the movie "True Colors"?~LOOSE ASSOCIATION!)

I spent most of my life trying to be the person others wanted me to be.  THAT, My Friends, is an impossibility!  The person others want us to be is a moving target and impossible to hit!  FINALLY I have realized I need to be who I am and be true to that identity.  As Popeye so eloquently put it, "I yam what I yam!"  Poor Aladdin--he almost lost the woman of his dreams by pretending to be someone he was not.  All along she would have loved him--no matter how poor he was and even without being a prince--if he had only had faith in himself.

Here is a bombshell for you--there are spiritual imposters among us.  How do you recognize an imposter?  When what they are saying or doing does not line up with scripture, they are an imposter.  Webster tells us an imposter is 

a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others

Beware of the motivation for deception~it is always for personal gain.  So be careful of what you believe--line up what you are hearing with the golden yardstick~the measure of God's Word.  If it does not line up---flee---and be true to who you are--A Child of God.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit,
but test the spirits to see whether they are from God,
for many false prophets have gone out into the world.
I John 4:1


  1. Sounds like a wonderful movie to take Virginia to, Lulu, with a powerful lesson for us all - be true to you! Like you, I spent many unsuccessful years as a people pleaser, and I'm here to say it doesn't work! Glad to have finally found my true identity as God's child.

  2. WOW. Truth. Thanks Lulu. smiles


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