I find myself tearing up quite often.  There was a time in my life, I was very stoic and rarely cried.  It seems I now tear up when I see something really good, really cute, really sweet, really sad, and not just when I am dicing onions. 

 There is a deep well of tears within me and those tears spill over quite often. At times,  I grit my teeth to keep the tears from overflowing and spilling down my cheeks. My heart has softened to the point that the right music, the right word, the perfect sunset or sunrise for that matter, the sound of the breeze in the trees, the look of distress on a friend's face, and the joy of a new born child can all bring me to tears.

Man's suffering and man's joy can both bring on the tears.  Being alone and being surrounded by friends makes no difference when the tears begin.  When I am moved, by whatever the circumstance or occasion, the tears spring to my eyes with amazing ease.

God has used life and all that it holds to soften my heart and break the hard dam which previously held back the flow.  When my soul is touched, the stream begins to flow.  Beautiful~tender rivers of tears run down my cheeks.  My eyes fill and brim over as a consequence of love and grace.  Realizing how greatly I have been blessed, how lavishly God has loved me, and the wonder of this life--I now cry with ease.  Free from embarrassment, and openly weeping-I am thankful for the softening of my heart by His abundant love.   And I stand amazed that He knows every tear that falls and holds them in His hand.  He has softened my heart, He has shown me the joy, He has faithfully held me when in pain, and He has opened my eyes to the mountain tops and valleys of this life.  God sees my tears and understands why.  He has blessed me by softening my heart and allowing the tears to flow.  He has seen my tears.

"I, the Lord, the God of your ancestor David,
have heard your prayer
and seen your tears.
2 Kings 20:5 


  1. The fact that you cry so often and so easily shows what a kind hearted and loving person you are. You should be comforted in that thought and use your tears, whenever they happen, to pray for the individual or the situation that has brought you to tears.

    As for slicing onions - here's my advice. The best way to peel or slice onions without tears is to do it under water. I tried it once and nearly drowned; so be careful.

    God bless.

  2. OH, Victor! Thankful for the laughter you gift me with too!
    Blessings, My Friend!

  3. Amen to what Victor said. Another great and wonderfully thought out post, smiles.

    1. I have tried the onion under the water trick, but I am pretty sure the depth of the water was not quite as great as Victor's was!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  4. Tears are amazing cleansers for our souls, Lulu. So glad God has softened your heart so that those tears now flow with ease.

  5. I am a work in progress, Martha. So thankful He has not given up on me!
    Blessings, My Friend!


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