I have a confession to make~ almost everyday I try to talk myself out of working out.  I have thousands of excuses!

You are all familiar with my struggle with sleep.  Most mornings, I am awake LONG before the 5:30-6:00 alarm goes off.  I often am in bed telling myself, I might go back to sleep if I just wait it out.  Nothing in me wants to spring out of that bed to put on those work out duds.  Lately I have been telling myself, there should come a time when you age out of working out.  At some point, it should finally be enough.

I never give in to these urges, and usually end up out the door for The Wonder Dog's walk before my early morning rendezvous with sweat, long before that alarm goes off.  I seem to want to think that I can give it all up one day---the cumulative effect of years of exercise should be stored in my battery pack and I will be good to go for the remainder of my years.  Unfortunately, the human body does not have a storage bin for past exercise.  To keep it--I have to continue to pursue it.  Use it or lose it.

I have begun reading Bruther Len's new book.  I am taking a chapter a day, to allow the good word to sink in.  Chapter Two hit this between the cross hairs.  If we want to gain spiritual muscle, you have to work out.  You have to pursue it, want it, work for it, to grow spiritually.  I loved that Len told us God can suddenly jolt us into spiritual maturity.  BUT His Word tells us, 

Train yourself to be Godly
I Timothy 4:7

We have to hit the spiritual gym over and over to grow in God.  In the early classes of the Learning Center at church, we begin the little ones with "Pat the Bible."  They can't read, some of them are not talking, they are not ready to understand deep theological points, but they can learn to revere the Word of God.  Every time they walk in the door, we pat the Bible.  Next year, we will learn a short Bible verse, and it goes on from there.  The key is consistency.

I will never be strong, and I will be weak without exercising.  I will not grow in the wisdom of God and all He has planned for me, if I do not spend daily time seeking Him.  It is very simple

29 But if from there you seek the LORD your God,
 you will find him if you seek him with all your heart
 and with all your soul.
Deuteronomy 4:29


  1. As I read this, Lulu, I'm dressed in my workout clothes, and will head to the gym shortly. Yes, there I days I don't want to do it, but it is necessary. I need to focus on my spiritual workout, too. I know I'll find God if I seek Him with all my heart.

  2. Very good post ( as usual). We were discussing something similar (are you spying on us? lol)--my son came home from visiting his grandmother yesterday (my mother in law) and he remarked how "Grandmama (that is what he calls her) hasn't learned a single thing since her heart surgery last year. All she is doing is laying around having a pity party. It's pretty sad. Momma, have you seen her? She refuses to get off that couch or bed and makes poor Ron do everything. Makes me so sad and mad that she is just giving up and ready to die."--- It's terrible when your adult son gets it more than the 74 year old does.

    1. Didn’t realize she was that young! WOW! That is sad !
      Blessings, My Friend!


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