Social media affords some really great things (we will not discuss all that is negative about it.)  I have watched the videos this week of all the colleges beginning their school year.  I distinctly remember those exciting times.

I went to college, got busy, and somehow God got put on the back burner.  I see college students today who do a great job of staying focused on God, but without excuse, I can truthfully say, I did not.  Oh, I never denied Him, always knew He was there, but I also took it for granted and forgot to seek Him.

This began to be a pattern in my life.  I was really busy~family, career, home, extended family ~~~there was more to do than there were hours in the day.  I rose early and fell in the bed exhausted late.  Always sleep deprived and busier than a hive of bees making honey, I carved out a couple of hours a week while in church to pause and remember.  As soon as I walked out that door and got in the car, I was off to the races once again.  THAT is a sad story, My Friends!

How much easier would my life have been had I kept God first always?  I lost my sense of priorities and fell into the "busy" trap today's world affords.  It took a lot of heartbreak and a sharp jerk back to reality for me to realize how messed up my priories were.  God never turned from me, but I got busy and put Him on hold.  Life consumed my time and energy and I didn't realize how much more difficult I was making my trek by forgetting or postponing time with Him.

Today, I still fight my "busy" addiction.  Never have I been one to sit around, so I tend to overload, over commit, and under communicate with the One who created me if I am not careful.  Many of you begin your day with your quiet time.  My days start very early and I tend to have quiet time mid morning many days or in the afternoon.  When I am sitting writing, I am also spending time with The Father.  Seeking His wisdom as I write these blogs, studying my small group lesson, and searching The Word for answers.  My thoughts now tend to be a conversation with The Father.  He is the One I bounce ideas off of, share my struggles, recount blessings, and confess my needs off of.  I look to Him and seek His advice and counsel.  I have finally learned and now practice Seeking The Presence of God is more important than any other thing in my life.  He is faithfully by my side and constantly present--He is never too busy for me---and I should never be too busy to seek His face.

Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.
Proverbs 3:6


  1. I've made that same mistake in the past, Lulu, but now, God is first and foremost in my life, and I'm so glad He is! My quiet time is never in the morning as all I can muster is a simple thank you to God for the new day. It can happen any other moment during the day, multiple times in fact, so I just sit back and enjoy my time with Him.

    1. What a beautiful picture, Martha. YES, knowing His presence throughout the day!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. I have never known a more honest and forthright person as you! Your posts are always so helpful

  3. Excellent post, my friend. s miles


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