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Tuesday, October 15, 2019


I made a flying trip to South LA this past weekend.  NO--I did not go to the LSU ballgame--had a really great seat on the couch for that showdown.  I went to a concert by these two~

OH~what a glorious evening of worship!  Another day--another topic--my yearning for hymns of the faith.

The weekend included many hours of deep discussion of topics of eternal consequence.  My soul has been refreshed with a respite from my busyness and time for talk.  One of the topics we dove in to was the tendency we all have to live in our bubbles.  It would seem our lean toward polarization has reached an all time high.  The lines include many social layers--including the HOT topic --politics.  A couple of weeks ago, Ellen DeGeneres made this statement following her appearance at a football game sitting by George Bush~

The responses I have viewed seem to indicate that a large number of the masses agree with Ellen.  I know I do.  I am really weary of the attacks back and forth ~both sides are guilty~over political differences.  When will we learn it is really not a personal threat for someone to disagree with our political philosophies.  When will it finally be alright to civilly disagree and walk away without vilifying anyone who is not on board with our thoughts?

We all tend to focus on the differences we have--instead of the similarities. 
We ostracize and polarize for many reasons--race has long been one of those boundaries, but it is not the only boundary.  Social class, politics, religion, morals, education levels, and on and on~we tend to look for the differences and throw up boundaries because of our differences. We seek those who are like us and put fences up to keep out those who are different.  Why can we not focus on the similarities?  Love of family, need for relationships, desire to see the good in others, compassion, love of country, wonder over the beauty of nature, and on and on.  Why can't we all be like Ellen and George and come together to watch the game--even when we are rooting for opposing teams and enjoy the give and take of a friendly game?  Well it turns out we can--football stadiums are filled every week at all levels of the game with thousands upon thousands of lovers of the game.  Though we might be pulling for different teams, we all love the game and enjoy the experience of rooting for our team.  We will not change our passion for our home team, just because we sit by someone rooting for the other team.

It will take a pointed effort to break the seal on our bubbles.  The effort begins with one---us.  When we finally realize it is okay to step out of our comfort zone and recognize the very ones we think are so different are really very similar to us is the first step to be taken.  When we all step into the presence of Jesus, the crowd will be amazing--and it will be filled with a grand mixture of all nationalities, races, and political philosophies. God will allow all of us sinners into His presence because of the shed blood of His Son for us ALL.  Not the democrats, not the republicans, not the whites, not those of color, but each and every person who has called upon the name of Jesus.  No more they--no more them---just a whole lot of us.

I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.
Proverbs 8:17


  1. The world is divided. Here in the UK we have divisions at every level. The rich and the poor, old and young, regional divisions, especially the rich South (London) and not so rich Northern towns. Divisions amongst the four nations England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Divisions on politics, race, sex, sexuality, sexual preferences, religion and so on. Divisions on political issues like whether we remain or leave the European Union, or global warming, saving the planet and the environment. Divisions run deep and at times hateful. The attitude seems to be "I am right, therefore everyone else is wrong!" Criticism is harsh and people are quick to condemn.

    Having said all this, I still would not go to a football game with Ellen DeGeneres. I don't like football. But I would go to a restaurant meal with her. I like pizza, in case she reads your Blog.

    God bless.

  2. Thank you for the point of levity, Victor! Perhaps part of the problem is we have forgotten how to laugh!
    Blessings, My Friend!

  3. LOLOL Victor...I love having friends who have different points of vie--can you imagine living in a world with the same viewpoints? No thank you. Great post, Lulu, smiles.

    1. I love being forced to think when presented with another viewpoint. It stretches me! That’s a good thing!!

  4. Amen, amen, amen. I'm so weary of the wrangling, the vitriol, the caustic, the ugly and unkind and in-your-face.

    We're yearning for kindness and decency, grace and thoughtfulness. I want to be known for what I love not for what I disagree with.

    Thanks for this post, friend. It's resonated with me ...

    1. I am beginning to think many of us are weary of this pervasive attitude of “I’m right”. Somewhere between right & wrong lies the truth.

  5. "Just a whole lot of us."
    I love this, Lulu!!! When we look at others as children of God, we will focus more on the similarities than the differences between us. Longing for the world to wake up to this. Yes, Ellen and George paint the perfect example. Blessings!


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