Christmas is over--or is it?  What can we take away from the celebration of Christmas?  After decades of Christmases is there anything new to be learned--anything different under the sun?

Why, yes, Virginia, there is!

This Christmas during the Candlelight Service celebrating the lighting of the Christ candle and the arrival of the long anticipated King, I did learn something.  Perhaps I knew it all along, but a timely reminder never hurts and even helps some of us.

A timely reminder of who Christ chose to reveal Himself to in the very beginning was shared during the candlelight service.  Recently, I heard a message of the lowly status of the shepherd in society during the years surrounding Christ's time here on this earth.  The low man on the totem pole would be a good description.  If you have ever watched the television series "Dirty Jobs", this would definitely make the broadcast.  Sheep are not smart animals, and often have a strong smell associated with the lanolin they produce.  This job involves lots of sitting, and waiting for the sheep to get into trouble so you can rescue them. They are herd animals and respond to herd activity.  If one runs off the cliff, the others will follow.  The shepherd has the job of keeping the dumb sheep alive and well.  When the shepherd goes to town, he is not greeted with excitement and respect.  No, it's more like--OH, they let you come in off the pasture?  The shepherd knew his place in the social pecking order---he was pretty near the bottom.  Yet, Jesus chose to reveal Himself to the shepherds and invite them to a "sip and see" of sorts.  The humble were the invited guests at that first showing off of the baby.

The Word then tells us of The Kings from afar who traveled long miles to see the New Baby King.  Learned Men, they had studied The Word of old and new of the circumstances of the birth of The King of the Jews.  Following The Star they marked the way to the place of His Birth, the Kings came with gifts to worship the New Born King.  These "Seekers" were the second group that Jesus revealed Himself to.  They were willing to study to know Him and then to travel to see Him.  The Seekers were blessed to see the New Born Baby King.

As we begin a New Year, may we all be humble seekers.  Seeking to know Him and knowing He can be found by the meek.  I pray we all are constantly aware of His presence in the year to come.


9 He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.
Psalm 25:9


  1. Yes, Lulu, may we all be humble seekers, indeed, and remember that Jesus came for every last one of us, great and small.

  2. Hey, there you are...for some odd reason Blogger keeps omitting your blog from my list...sigh...

    Beautiful post my friend.

    1. I have lost your blog as well??? Are they conspiring against us!!

  3. Happy New Year, friend! And thanks for the reminder that there's always something to learn from the old familiar stories, passages, music. May He give us fresh eyes to see and ears to hear in 2020.

    Looking forward to what He has for us to be, to do ...

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