Here in the Deep South, we are thrown into absolute chaos when the heavens release any form of frozen precipitation.  This week has brought not one but two winter storms affecting the entire United States--all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.  It is beautiful--but it is deadly dangerous enemy.  Son #2 and his family have been without power for days in the frozen state of Texas.  Texas does most things really right, but their decision to be on their own power grid has lead to disaster and death.  Thankfully a friend offered them a place to stay which has power, but most do not have this option.  With a three month old baby, this could have spelled TROUBLE.


No matter what the weather, Hero has to have his daily walks.  I had no fenced in yard when he came to live with me, so he has been trained to relieve himself when we walk.  That is no problem usually, I have a rain suit, and have made other accommodations so we can always walk.  If you think driving is a NO-NO in this weather, you should try walking the dog.  I have learned to walk on the grass covered snow and ice and gingerly step when crossing frozen driveways.  Everything is a sheet of ice and very treacherous.  If I could have carried one more thing, I would have made a video, it's pretty funny to see our parade.  My neighbors have accused me of being a brick short of a load, but some things have to be done.  It is a slow walk with great care taken to not slip and fall,.  Broken hips are NOT fun--so I hear.  The after effects of this weather warrant vigilance for the hidden dangers lurking--ready to cause a calamity.

Out My Front Window
Can You Find The Road?

I KNOW the danger of the ice hidden under the beautiful layer of snow.  I take great care and caution when walking.  I am always on the lookout for the dangerous enemy of "Black Ice". 

This has me thinking about the "Evil Virus" lurking around in our world today. It has become Public Enemy #1.  Many of us are extremely cautious.  Others have become complacent.  It is a fact that most who are infected are not seriously sick.  Flu like symptoms seem to be the main complaint for the majority.  If we have NO risk factors, why change our style of living--why be troubled?  My caution has always sprung NOT from personal fear, but instead fear of infecting someone who would become seriously sick.  How could I live with myself if I spread the virus to one who became seriously sick--even died?  It is more out of love for my fellow man that I am cautious, than personal concern. Knowing some of the many who have ended their lives from this virus is reason enough to be cautious.  The virus is lurking around just waiting to find a new victim.  Waiting to invade their body and mutate in order to continue to survive.  Hoping for a careless moment of forgotten hand washing, forgotten mask, and forgotten social distance.  It is just hoping for the opportunity to find a new host and wreck havoc in their life.  It is not to be taken lightly. It is a formidable enemy.

There is another enemy lurking around and He has been stealing joy for ages.  He loves to disguise himself as happiness, fame, riches, popularity, and anything which grabs our human eye.  He also appears to be harmless, but is looking for a host to help spread his disease which leads to death and ruin. His favorite method is asking "Why not?" or "Who will get hurt?"  He is a formidable enemy disguised in bright colors and broken promises.

Well there you go---my stream of loose association has led to the ultimate enemy #1.  Let's keep our eyes open, steps cautious and defenses up for all our enemies, but especially that crafty serpent.  He is not to be taken lightly.

"Even Satan can disguise himself to look like an angel of light!"

II Corinthians 11:14


  1. Certainly, satan is a wily and deadly creature, ready to strike when we least expect it. And this virus? Just as evil and deadly - two of my dear blogging friends have lost their husbands to it. Any wonder why Danny and I are being extra cautious?
    So glad, Lulu, that your son and his family have a warm place to stay. Such a blessing! My heart goes out to all those affected by this horrific storm. Please continue to take extra care when you walk ol' Hero out in this mess!

    1. We all know someone or have lost someone to the virus. Yes, some have other factors that contributed to their death. BUT they would still be with us today if they hadn’t caught the virus is the bottom line.
      Stay warm and safe, My Friend!

  2. Praying for you and your family. Take care and stay safe .... from all evil. Trust in God.

    God bless.


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