I came across a quote while ironically reading a fluff book.  You know those books we read strictly to be entertained.  No thinking required!

I usually have one of these books going, but especially when reading something deep.  It gives my brain a rest while pondering the deep truths and implications of the latest brain stretcher I am absorbing.  

That quote runs congruent to my own thinking~

"What a fine thing to be the answer to someone's prayer."

In all truthfulness, I have always thought how wonderful it is for God to choose to us me as His hands and feet.  This quote takes that a step further.  It is not necessarily being the hands and feet of Christ, but instead becoming an instrument in the life of another. 

I have a  friend who reminds us, "Be careful what you pray for."  and another  friend who asks when we pray for her to never say, "Whatever it may take, Lord."  I understand that statement ~I do not do suffering well. 

How easily we send those prayers up with our long list of those we are praying for.  What if we were to go a step further ~ what if we asked God to use us--at whatever the cost to us personally.  Praying is not difficult, but when we pray are we willing to be used to answer that prayer?  

Perhaps my prayers have been too timid.  Asking for healing of sick friends has no cost to me.  When I pray for God to draw my lost ones to Him, I am pretty certain I am relying on the Holy Spirit to do the work.  Though God makes no requirements of us, what would we be willing to sacrifice to see our prayers answered?  If it is important enough to pray for, is it important enough to be used in a sacrificial way by God to answer our prayer?  What a fine thing indeed to be used in answer to our own or someone's prayer.

"And we know that for those who love God

all things work together for good,

for those who are called according to His purpose."

Romans 8:28


  1. What a great quote, Lulu! May we be willing and ready to be somebody's answer to prayer.

    1. How blessed to know we are being used❤️


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