We math oriented people realize the world revolves around math.  Why even the turning of Earth is all based upon mathematical principles.  NOW, I know some of you think the arts are the greatest influence, but I challenge you to think this over- the arts are also based upon math.  Perhaps the principles are more abstract in art, but math is still present.  The common denominator is a fascinating principle of fractions.  OH, I said fractions, and many of you went into a panic.  In an effort to simplify, let me just tell you the common denominator is something all have in common.  NOW THAT WASN'T SO DIFFICULT ~WAS IT?

Most of the group-
Someone always needs to be different

This past weekend we had a memorial walk organized by the sassy lady on the left forefront.  This is most of the running group I ran with for over 20 years.  The majority of us are walkers these days.  We all refer to all those miles of running together as the "good old days".  Week in and week out for over twenty years, we met at various places and ran together, mainly in the wee hours of the morning.  With all those miles of running, you need a distraction from the pain and repetition.  We talked and talked and talked.  No subject was off limits!  With time and experience we began to realize the trust we could have in each other.  Then we began to not just talk but to share.  Sharing the really high ups and the lowest of the downs, we formed community while pounding the pavement.  We have celebrated marriages, births, accomplishments, retirements, ballgames, illness recoveries and high points of all varieties.  We have also held each other up in the worst of times-illness, disappointments, bone breaks, divorce, loss of husbands, parents, friends, siblings, and children.  We formed a concrete bond over a long history of living life together while pounding pavement.  

Today the group is no more.  Some have splintered off and pursued biking, but the majority of us do not meet together on a regular basis.  It is amazing how we can come together once a year for a memorial walk for the daughter of our sweet friend and it all clicks again.  I decided it was exactly like attending a family reunion.  Though you are separated by distance and circumstance, the bond which holds you together has not disappeared.  There is no erasing history.

What is this all about---our common denominators help us form community.  God did not intend for man to live alone.  We were created to live in community with our fellow man.  Community is naturally formed with family, but many other avenues can also create our communities.  Any shared interest, experience, desire, activity, club, and on and on can connect us.  Community comes when we take it a step further and begin to get to know one another.  The more we know the deeper the bond.  Our community is based upon primarily our shared history.  History which comes with investment in each other.

What a blessing that God not only creates us to live in community, but pulls us together by varying means.  God wants to live with us in community also.  We can take clues about how that community should look from His Word.  Once our community is established with God, then we understand how to form community with our fellow man.  What a blessing that God provides all we need-including community.

5 so in Christ we, though many, form one body,
 and each member belongs to all the others.
Romans 12:5


  1. God did create us to live in community, Lulu, and that's what has made the past year so extremely difficult for so many of us. I'm glad you were all able to reunite and rekindle the bonds of friendship forged over many years. What a blessing!

    1. To say the past year has been difficult is a misnomer. Sadly, I learned to live in isolation and now find myself struggling to get going again. Always something to be learned from every circumstance.
      Blessings, My Friend!


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