I am a little slow on the uptake at times, but in the past few months I have been made  aware of the "Influencers" on social media.  Those who we seek  for direction in a variety of areas.  How to decorate our home, what make up to wear, what activities we should be pursuing, what books to read, what places we should visit,  what products we can not live without, even how we should be thinking ---  on and on.  There are sites on the WWW, Instagram, Twitter where we click to seek the influence of those we deem to know more than we do--or perhaps we think we need enlightenment.  We allow these "Influencers" to dictate our choices and direction of our thoughts.  How many of us are guilty of allowing their influence to become an important part of our decision making tools?

True confession, I have one "Influencer" I follow.  She might be a little distressed to know I look at her Instagram site for a good laugh.  I seldom notice what she is wearing, where she is going, or what song she is singing,  but I am laughing at the interaction between her and the "faceless" jabber who is always giving her a hard time.

SO, I began to think (this always is the precursor to trouble), what product review might you be interested in and  perhaps  I could  influence you to use or try.  What can I use my influence to persuade you to buy ?  I have begun sharing a Saturday book review with you since it is no secret I read a GREAT DEAL!  One problem with that is that you might not enjoy the genres I do ~unless you are also WAY OVER THE HILL--in fact picking up speed on that last down hill.  I am reading a book my daughter had while at her home.  I must admit, I would have NEVER picked it off the shelf, and certainly not bought it--but I have found it well written and page turning (in spite of the language which makes my toes curl).  This proves there are books -plenty of them- I might not recommend but which are good reads.  So If you are older than dirt, tune in on Saturday and I will give you a short review of one of my reads which you may or may not enjoy.

I could tell you which supplements and vitamins I take to promote a healthy life.  Something tells me you are not really that interested in the potential benefits nor possible side effects of Magnesium which is the latest add to my handful of supplements and vitamins I throw down my gullet almost every day.  I began taking magnesium to aid recovery after working out.  Since the GREAT LOCKDOWN during the pandemic, I have fallen way short of my daily workout goals.  WELL why would I still take this supplement.  Think Milk of Magnesia---(MAGNESIUM) and why you might take it.  No need to worry about that apple a day to keep the doctor away as long as you are downing a Magnesium supplement.  YOU ARE WELCOME and sorry if that is TMI!

OH and how about my favorite socks for workouts?  I love these no slip ~ no bunching buddies and have worn them for years.  Back to the time when I was extremely unkind to my feet pounding miles after mile upon them.  They are the best I have found for helping to prevent blisters and stone bruises.  Feetures have stood the test of time and wear.  I have multiple pairs in my sock basket.

Oh I could continue down the list of those things I do not want to live without, but truthfully you might be more interested in those things that I use that you want to stay away from.  Why if I walked into a room where your were, you might be interested in avoiding at all cost the clothes I wear or the make up (or lack there of) which does not do a lot for me.  You might want to know the name of the atrocious lip stick I am wearing so you can avoid the color at all cost.  Which are you more prone to -- notice someone in envy and desire or notice someone in dread that your taste might be that bad? Influencing can go both ways!

In all truthfulness, I cannot think of much you would look to me for my opinion on.  What I wear, what I do, where I go, what I am eating, what I own would more than likely bore you to tears.  No one is looking to me for the latest and greatest and truthfully I am really not interested in much of what others find enticing so my sphere of influence is limited--seriously limited (does anyone look to me for what's new and what's hot--UH NO!)

BUT as I thought this over, I realized all of us who are known as Believers do have a huge sphere of influence for Christ in how we interact with those around us~ especially those who do not know grace.  We are being watched and our faith and beliefs are being judged by our actions by those in our sphere ~ our sphere of influence.  Think about it as you go about your day and interact with those around you---



My question is are you attracting others to Him or are you causing them to turn away in disdain?  NOT that is some HEAVY influence!

"In the same way,

let you light shine before others,

so that they may see your good works

and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."

Matthew 5:16


  1. That's the best influence any of us can have on others, Lulu - one that lasts for all eternity. Jesus is no flash in the pan!

  2. Love that, Martha! No indeed, He is eternal!

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  4. Thank God for the influence of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Three in one, all three on the same wisdom page. You are encouraging.

    1. YES! The Encourager Who is Faithfully leading us!


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