One of the local gardeners is well know throughout the area for her beautiful garden.  She is a stand out in the midst of a variable sea of green thumbs here in Ruston.   She is not only a talented gardener, but also a gifted photographer.  She shares her talent in both areas by regular postings of beautiful photos of her blooms.  Recently she posted a photo with a comment which began the wheels turning.  

Photo Credit ~ Sunant Ranjitkar

She had taken the blooms broken by a recent rain and created a gorgeous flower arrangement.  Did I mention she is also a gifted flower arranger?  (The lady is extremely talented in many areas)  Taking flowers which were doomed to quickly wilt and fade after being broken and turning them into another art form, she redeemed the doomed blooms for continued enjoyment.  The life giving rain had caused damage which threatened sure death to the blooms, but with careful trimming, arranging, and supplying with needed water they lived to be enjoyed for more days to come.

At times we face damage and trauma with little or no warning.  We are then faced with the question of how we will react to the storms of life.  Are we able to redeem the beauty remaining or do we walk away in defeat?  My gardener friend could have walked through her damaged garden that day and thrown away those blooms affected.  She chose to gather the blooms and create another work of art from the damage left behind.  She chose to redeem what seemed to be beyond hope.  She knew there was hope and chose a future for her beautiful blooms.  Thankful for those who look for redemption in even the worst of circumstances and thankful for a God Who is a Redeemer of even the most hopeless times.

"There is surely a future hope for you,
    and your hope will not be cut off."

Proverbs 23:18


  1. Truly, a beautiful story of redemption. Thanks, Lulu!

  2. Thankful God is in the business of redemption.


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