My laughing joke when asked to try something artistic is I flunked coloring in the first grade and it has all been downhill since.   For some reason I felt inadequate as a five year old trying to color.  Perhaps it was my inability to stay in the lines.  Truthfully there is not one artistic bone in my body ~or so I thought.  And then the pandemic came and I had LOTS of time on my hands with my volunteering hours coming to a screeching halt.  I began the search for things to do and ~

I began by going back to embroidering .  I am no seamstress, but I can make these tiny stitches (with the help of a magnifying light).  I made my granddaughter a dancing bag, and two sets of pillowcases.

Then I began to watch youtube videos on how to draw.  I have an entire sketch book filled with drawings such as these ~

Once things began to open up a little, I made my way back to the She Shed and made a bird feeder and garden pole.  So far I still have all ten fingers.  The latest thing I have tried is acrylic painting such as this sunflower.

Who knew I would enjoy this so much?  Who knew, though I am no artist, the process was very satisfying and relaxing.  

Bottom line, I could have left this terrestrial ball never knowing how enjoyable this was because I would not try it--thinking I was not good enough.  I made the dire mistake of comparison.  I have loads of super talented friends, and there is no way I could compete with their wonderful pieces.  BUT--I should have realized this is no competition (THANK GOODNESS--HATE COMPETITION), there is only the joy in creating.  So what if I am no Rembrandt, there was only one of those.  So what if sometimes my creations are lame.  Why not create for the shear joy of creating?  What fun and enjoyment I would have missed had I never picked up that first pencil, needle, or paint brush.  My creations are hung in and around my home (some in the garage-LOL) for me to reflect upon how I enjoyed accomplishing their creation.  

So my sweet friends, stop comparing yourself.  Participate and try new things in a search for those things which bring you joy.  AND guess what, you can create by writing.  I see creative posts on social media everyday.  Posts which make me laugh, cry and think.  Sit down and write one paragraph--that is where it all begins.

Please stop the big mistake of comparison---what a joy stealer!  Be you---let others be themselves ~we are wonderfully created to be individuals.  Seek joy--above all--seek joy.

"You will show me the way of life,

granting me the joy of Your presence,

and the pleasures of living with you forever."

Psalm 16:11

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  1. Joy in creating . . . That's what it's all about, Lulu. And I do love all the lovely things you have made here!

  2. Yes, I would take joy over almost any other emotion any day, Martha!


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