There is a distinct difference in a story and a book.  Not all stories are placed or written on a page for others to read.  There is a wonderful tradition of oral story telling which we may be losing.  With the advent of so many forms of media today, we seem to not sit and talk as we once did.  I have wonderful memories of sitting on Mama James's front porch and listening to the adults tell their stories.

I still have an actual picture in my mind of scenes similar to this.  The kids loved swinging on her bench swing, until we became too rambunctious with our swinging and were banned from the porch.  Easy days--slow days of sitting and visiting, which seem to be lost in my past, but never forgotten.  Today if we are out of doors, we are usually hidden on our back patio out of sight.  I have a neighbor who often sits on her front porch.  I feel a tug to stop and chat anytime I walk by and she is out.  It feels like an invitation to stop and trade stories.  

We all have stories ~ stories which need to be told.  I would never share my story with just anyone, but occasionally there seems to be an opportunity to share parts of it with the right person at the right time.  Our stories can encourage, teach, enlighten, and even admonish others.  God places others in our paths who will benefit from some glimpse into what we have learned as we walk down our path.  The lessons of life not only teach us, but can be of great benefit to others.  I learned a great deal about my mother by the rare event of her sharing about her past.  As with all of us, she was much more prone to share the happy times and truthfully rarely spoke of the heart wrenching.  

The problem with us sharing only the good, is we get a skewed impression that either something is wrong with us or others are more blessed by all the good things they share.  When we are unwilling or sometimes unable to share that which is not so pretty, others get the wrong impression about how life should look.  NOW ~ I am NOT saying every small detail of the not so pretty should be shared with everyone in your path.  I am saying to those whom we have influence, we should share the truth of life's up's and down's.

The Word is filled with great stories of men and women who had sought the Lord while living with feet of clay.  Those stories teach us and remind us of the path we should seek to take.  But those stories are of people we never knew and certainly have to opportunity to know beyond the written word.  The stories of those who are real to us---we know up close and personal--those are the stories which will have the greatest impact on the direction we travel in life.  I encourage you to share your story --not a wholesale share--but a selective share.  Share with those whom you have influence and will benefit from your experience.  

Every time I write, I am usually sharing some of my story.  Bits and pieces which I hope cause you to think and push you to examine your own story.  There is much to be said for a good story--and the best stories are told by those who lived them.  Share your story or a part of it with those who will listen and learn.  We all have great stories to share.

"But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy,

always being prepared to make a defense

to anyone who asks you

for a reason for the hope that is in you;

yet do it with gentleness and respect."

I Peter 3:15

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  1. We are all living, breathing stories, Lulu, and we do ourselves and the world a disservice when we don't share at least some of our stories with others. Great reflection, my friend!


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