A really good friend sent this word.  I think she is trying to trip me up!  Has there EVER been a subject that I did not have something to say about?

The place to start perhaps is the definition---Merriam Webster (I know Webster but who is Merriam?)  says this ~

to look down on with disrespect or aversion
to regard as negligible, worthless, or distasteful
It also said it was a transitive verb.  Now THAT may trip me up.  Who the heck remembers what a transitive verb is.  SO I looked it up ~
characterized by having or containing a direct object
  Well NOW, here I was thinking despise was a harsher form of hate.  Pronounce the two words out loud.  You have to agree despise sounds much more harsh.  As for that direct object (transitive verb), obviously you have to have something to despise or hate.  THAT is the direct object--the person or thing your feeling is aimed toward.  You cannot despise or hate unless there is someone or something to aim it toward.I despise liver (no need to tell me how much you love liver--it will never change my mind.)  I despise this COVID virus ~ (the counselor at The Well told us we should state this out loud to get some relief from our frustration over all this.)  ((So far it has not worked))  I despise those who abuse others in any manner.  (You cannot defend a bully so do not try.) I despise _______________________(fill in the blank).  How long is your list?

It exhausts me making the list, much less expending the energy to work up a good despise.  WHY? would we spend time and energy on anything we despise?  It would seem this gives the direct object of our hate  control over us.  The very thing we despise is directing how we behave.  NOW--is it me or does that seem to be counter-intuitive?  If we really despise or hate something, why would we spend a moment working up a good round of vitriol?  For the life of me, I do not get it.It seems if we truly despise something, we would go to great lengths to avoid or ignore it.  Look at that second definition above -we would regard it with distaste and as negligible and worthless.  We would not waste time and energy on something or someone we regarded with such disdain.

NOW---here is the kicker.  IF you call yourself a Believer, we are called to love our enemies (as in not despise).  SURELY NOT GOD??  Yep---it's easy to love those we hold dear--but loving our enemies--those we despise-- perhaps those who have grievously wronged us --that is another subject.  BUT, My Friends, we all - ME TOO - are called to love those we look down upon with diversion and disrespect.  It is NOT easy and it has been my experience I can only do it with God's help.  I have to be willing to give up my strong emotion of hate ~ hand it over to God.  I have to be willing to ask Him to help me to love the despised.  I am NOT speaking of liver here---I am talking about my fellow brother and sister.  It is not an easy pill to swallow and only when we truly surrender the emotion to God are we able to get it done.  This directly speaks to grace.  To receive grace we have to first extend grace.  Replace the hate with love and live in peace.
"He who despises his neighbor lacks sense,

               But a man of understanding keeps silent."

                   Proverbs 11:12

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  1. Things can be despised, Lulu, but never people. We are called as Christians to love our enemies and do good to those who wrong us. No, it's never, ever easy, but as you say, with God's help, we can, and must, do so.

  2. I like that, Martha. "Things can be despised, but never people." As Believers we are called to this.
    Blessings, My Friend!

  3. De spies are everywhere. I was in the garden yesterday and a pigeon was spying on me. He told the squirrel where I hide the bird seeds in the shed. The squirrel asked our dog who, stupidly, gave him the key to the shed.

    Oh ... despise ... God never despises anyone. Why should we?

    God bless.

  4. My laugh for this morning, Victor. Thank you!


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