I rated this    REALLY GOOD BOOK

My brief card description~

Aging, Handicap, Divorce & Multi-layered families, Compassion, Racism,

Unexplained violence-

The ultimate good of man.

This book really surprised me in the final pages, as I realized how profound it is.

That should be something for everyone!

You can find it HERE


  1. Sounds great, like all your recommendations, Lulu. Didn't you review The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek? I did order that, and it's one of the finest books I've read. Can't wait to pass it along to my daughter.

  2. Yes, I did. I have read it twice. Once a couple of years ago and last month for our neighborhood book club. It is a really great book! I only post reviews on the ones that I really enjoyed. Believe you me, there are plenty that I would not necessarily pass on, but you never know until you read it.

    Have a great weekend, Martha.

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