This word is the third word this dear friend has submitted.  What I really love about these submissions is the conversation that ensues after the submission.  I think you will be surprised where this one goes.

I think we are all naturally curious, I know I am.  I recently had someone tell me there was more to a story than I had heard, but they could not tell me the rest of it.  They made a promise to not repeat the details and I did not press for those details  ~ though I am very curious.  I respect promises and try to never make it any more difficult to keep a promise.   When I hear curious, I always think of 

curiosity kills the cat.  I must admit my own curiosity has sometimes gotten me into a heap of trouble.   I have opened  a door out of curiosity and jumped straight up and squealed when  a BIG surprise was revealed.  I have also taken things completely apart out of curiosity over how they worked.  Why are there ALWAYS screws and parts left over when I reassemble them?

With this word, "curious", I was also sent a quote.  THANK YOU! Keep going and you will write the blog for me-I LOVE IT!   This Walt Whitman quote was recently heard on a television series , "Ted Lasso".  WARNING!  I really like this series and it has some great dialogue and philosophy BUT the language is ROUGH.  Do not come back complaining if you watch it---I warned you.  

I often am curious about where an action or reaction of someone came from.  My hours of introspection has come from this curiosity.  How much nicer and kinder this world would be if we approached disagreements with curiosity over the other view point.  In my mind it would be so much more civil, so much kinder if we could ask the question and then hush and listen to the explanation.  

When I feel like I am being attacked in a verbal altercation, I automatically turn my hearing aid off.  I NO LONGER listen to what is being said.  If the other party has become aggressive, loud, and over-bearing I have stopped listening.  BUT, if an explanation comes of why they feel as they do in a civil tone, normal volume, and disarming stance, I am all ears.  I am always curious why you stand behind your beliefs.  I was given this question ~

I wonder how the dialogue around all disagreements would be

altered by curiosity versus judgment or certainty?

Let THAT sink in!  We are repeatedly shown on all media sources the screaming, fighting, ugly side of disagreements.  We are NEVER shown civil discourse.  How different our world would be if we learned to be curious about the reasons behind philosophies instead of immediately jumping on the "YOU ARE WRONG" team.  If only we could learn to ALL (Both sides of any question) push the 

and lend an ear out of curiosity.  

I am always seeking and looking for a more peaceful world.  Perhaps until Jesus comes again, it will never be.  I am just curious enough to pause and listen--in hopes of a better world.  I wonder would Jesus listen to the explanation of a difference of opinion or would He scream us down getting His point across.  He always seemed to have an ear to hear and a soft reply.  Perhaps He was curious.

"Remind them of these things,

 and charge them before God not to quarrel about words,

 which does no good, 

but only ruins the hearers.

II Timothy 2:14


  1. You have given us all great food for thought with this one, Lulu. Yes, what if we could hit that pause button and simply allow the other person to explain why he/she thinks that way? Being confrontational doesn't solve anything, it only makes matters worse. Like you, I hate seeing so much divisiveness among Americans. It breaks my heart.

  2. My dear friend gave me this idea for writing and most of the discussion. Thankful for all those God has placed in my life to cause me to think.
    Blessings, My Friend!

  3. Is curiosity a virtue or a sin? Would there have been any advancement in life without curiosity?

    God bless.

  4. I suppose like everything, Victor, the reason behind the characteristic makes it a sin or not.


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