We come into this world after nine months or so with no yearnings ~ everything we need  is supplied without request in the dark of the womb.  We are born and the yearnings begin.  What we yearn for changes with the seasons of life.  As I think back over my lifetime, my prayers are a direct indication of how my yearnings have changed.  The things I have petitioned God for over the years has hopefully shown how He has matured me.  What once seemed so important is now not even a passing thought.  Most of my yearnings in this season of life are directly connected to relationships and God's will.

With this annoying pandemic, my social agenda has experienced change.  Trying to be careful and a good citizen, I wear my mask in public places and I limit those whom I am physically present with.   This has brought a yearning for those deep conversations I treasure.  I love to laugh and enjoy life with good friends, but I really love a one on one deep discussion about things which are really important in life.  

I yearn to travel as I once did.  I miss planning those trips, searching for points of interest to visit, and enjoying the experience of exploring new places.  With the pandemic, I have limited my traveling to only trips to see family.  Some things are worth the risk of potential exposure to me or to others,  family being the top of the list.

I yearn for peace in the world.  Though I may yearn, God has shown me in His Word that yearning will not be fulfilled.  As long as we live in a fallen world,  there will be no lasting peace.  That does not keep me from yearning for us all to JUST GET ALONG.  We live in a world where egg shells are strewn along the path and we are constantly on guard to avoid stepping on the toes of those around us.  Peace seems to be tentative at best.  I still yearn for peace in my life and the world around us.

You would think I sit and pine for the past, but that is not the case.  I work at staying in the present and finding joy where ever I happen to be.  Yes, I have yearnings, but I also have an abundantly blessed life.  While writing this post, I  decided perhaps yearnings is too strong a word for my feeling.  A yearning is an intense longing for something.  My use of the word carries no intensity with it.  Perhaps it would be better described as desires.  Desires are a strong feeling  -  not intense.  Perhaps that better describes what I am saying.  I would love to have those things I am speaking of, but I do not dwell on it, which would indicate the feeling was intense.  It is more like a passing thought occasionally.  I prefer to stay in the present which includes the present circumstances.

The hope I live with is even if my yearnings/desires are never fulfilled on this terrestrial ball, I can claim the promise of eternity.  When I finally cross over to that glory, those yearnings/desires will disappear in a blink and all will be perfection.  All that I feel I miss here in this world, will either be fulfilled in the next or no longer important.  Either of those will bring complete joy and peace.  For now, I will find rest in the sure knowledge my yearnings will be put to rest in the future as the world is finally made perfect once again.

"Oh satisfy us in the morning with thy lovingkindness,

that we might rejoice and be glad all our days."

Psalm 90:14


  1. Even when we know what we yearn for won't be granted in this life time, when those feelings are from God, they can't possibly be wrong. He would love nothing better than for all of us to get along and respect the dignity of every human being. But knowing we would never be able to do so on our own, He sent Jesus to show us the way. Let's yearn to be more like Jesus.
    Blessings, Lulu!

  2. A man dies and meets St Peter at the gates of Heaven. St Peter checks in his big book. "Aha ..." he says, "you are a man of many yearnings, and needs, and wants. I see here that throughout your life you have been praying for many things. Let's see ... you've asked for this, and that, this also. As you grew up you asked for all these things. You've asked for things for other people too. Look at this long list!"

    They read the list together then St Peter says, "God has always provided for all your needs and yearnings. Tell me, why have you never asked for olives?"

    The man replied, "I don't like olives!"

    MORAL: Do not yearn for what you do not need.

    God bless.


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