I recently purchased a couple of dozen day lily bulbs from one of our local garden clubs.

They are not much too look at right now.  There is a process in growing these bulbs.  They must be planted in the fall and allowed to remain dormant until the warming ground awakens them in the spring.  THEN--they sprout and eventually you will enjoy THIS ~

There is even MORE to this miracle!  As they grow--they multiply.  You will be able to divide the bulbs and transplant or just allow them to become a thicker bed of beautiful lily blooms.  

THIS IS IMPORTANT-  they must first be planted and allowed to lie dormant all winter before this miracle occurs.  THEN--they not only send up shoots, but eventually bless you with these beautiful blooms.

As I was looking at my bulbs, which need planting, it occurred to me this is a lot like God's Word.  We have to plant the idea by studying the word, sometimes it has to lie dormant, but eventually it will begin to grow and send out shoots of beautiful wisdom.  Of course, some bits of the wisdom in The Word can be immediately beneficial, but others are meant to store in our hearts for the time it may be needed.  Then we will enjoy the beauty of the harvest - or the bloom of the flowers of wisdom.  The Word sits there waiting for the perfect timing of when it is needed.  The labor of planting the wisdom was rewarded with the beauty of the bloom in the future.  Not a thing goes wasted in God's economy. He  rewards our labors with blessings of far greater beauty than we could ever imagine.  What a wonderful God we serve.

"A time to plant and a time to harvest."

Ecclesiastes 3:2

PS--As I proof read this a last time before publishing tomorrow, it hit me what was said in SS this past Sunday.  (I LOVE how God reinforces HIs lessons)  We are doing an in depth study of Colossians and many of the teachers and class members are serious and deep Bible students (I try to keep my ignorant mouth shut).  After we had taken 6 verses and spent over an hour studying them, one of our pastors, who attends the class, asked this question, "This is all good and well, but NOW how do we take this information and apply it to our lives?"  Exactly what I am feebly trying to say above.  Thank You, Lord for this timely explanation.

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