It has been all over the news lately about one of the nation's "football heroes" claiming to be a critical thinker.  I KNOW better than to wade off into this--but occasionally I allow myself the fun of expounding on current events.  I cannot even remember the guys name, but let me just say---I am CERTAIN he is a thinker.  It does not make us unique or special to be a thinker.  WHO doesn't think?  Why I have been accused of being an overthinker.  That does not make me a critical thinker.  He has an opinion created by thinking---nothing more.


I would never discount his skills as a football player, but I am seriously doubting him being a critical thinker.  I firmly believe his claim of being a critical thinker is a smoke screen to deflect from the real problem.  His failure to report the truth.  It does not matter which side of the vaccine question you are on, claiming you have special thinking abilities which have allowed you to make the correct decisions is NOT a claim a critical thinker would make.

A critical thinker is able to look at both sides of any issue--without bias.  Based upon the facts, they are then able to make a decision.  It is VERY difficult to come to a conclusion without bias.  Remember science?  Your experiments were always done in a fashion to avoid introducing factors which might cause bias.  We humans are usually biased.  I love to think---love to ponder---spend a great deal of time with my thinking cap on.  My "OPINIONS" are just that opinions which come from thinking--because I am biased by my conservative-evangelical-personal history experience.  It is REALLY difficult to get past those factors.

What the football player probably should have said was "Based upon my personal opinion, I did not get the vaccine and now I have COVID."  I can accept that.  I cannot accept the claim of being a critical thinker and that makes what I did right.

Be careful what claims you make to avoid public disapproval.  NONE of us are above error---even an error in judgement.  The very claim we are above approach because of our critical thinking skills calls into question how critical we truly are.  OFF my soapbox now.  I really do not care if he had a vaccine or not---his choice.  I DO care about making brash claims which further call into question your thinking skills!

As it is, you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil.

James 4:16


  1. Well said, Lulu, and I know exactly who you're talking about. We do need to think carefully before we speak out, lest we appear foolish, and certainly NOT a critical thinker.

  2. You are correct, Martha. I critical thinker would ALWAYS carefully measure their words!


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