I took my ride in today for its regular scheduled maintenance.  Here's a new twist--these smart new cars not ONLY notify you every time you turn your vehicle on that it is time for maintenance, they also let your dealership know.  They have taken a page out of the medical insurance company's book and started calling (and nicely) nagging you.  WELL NOW---a girl can not let anything slip by anymore!

Those cars do operate better with regular check ups and oil changes and they will actually last longer when you take care of them.  They are no small investment and we should take care of our possessions.   HMMM--so it is with our health.  If we all would just comply and have our regular physicals, we might avoid down the road trouble.  We could maybe even keep those warning lights from flashing, if we go to the trouble of that required regular maintenance.  

Why in fact, if you think about it, our homes also require regular maintenance.  Talking about a costly investment!    My home has reached the age where I am slowly replacing many things.  New HVAC, dishwasher, disposal, gas logs, and I have a list of other things which I will be updating.  If you want your home to last and keep its value, you need to keep it maintained.  

As I thought this over, it dawned upon me how our relationships also require regular maintenance.  The pandemic has not been our friend when it came to maintaining our relationships.  You have to be together--be present---to maintain  relationships.  One of God's greatest and most precious gifts to us are our relationships.  He would want us to regularly maintain them---keep them in tip top shape.  

So it goes with our relationship with The Father.  It requires maintenance.  We have to be present with Him---to keep us in tip top shape.  Praying we can all maintain our presence with Him --with no need for reminder.  May He be our top priority!

"You must love the Lord your God 

with all your heart,

all your soul,

all your strength,

all all your mind.

And, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' "

Luke 10:27

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  1. Another wonderful analogy, Lulu! Yes, let's do those regular (daily) check ups with God.


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