After all those years of running, my parts began to show the wear and tear of too much pounding.  My body has refused to run another step-especially my aching hip--

Low and behold I discovered the fun of walking.  NOW--too many miles can still cause a screaming hissy fit by some of those parts---but for the most part--walking is my new BFF.  The only thing I really miss about running is the camaraderie shared with my fellow runners.  Running can be pure pain--unless you are running along side someone--"trying" to talk.  The good thing about walking--the breath necessary to carry on a conversation is always there.  Occasionally I get to walk with a special friend, but for the most part--I am solo--except for The Wonder Dog ~

I really miss someone to have conversation with. (Hero has not YET learned to talk--only to boss by balking)  Walking inspires some of my best thinking and to process my thoughts I need to bounce it off someone.  As of yet--at least in public--I do not go around talking out loud to myself.  What is it about speaking aloud that helps us to see truth?  My thoughts cannot always be trusted to be accurate, but when I speak what I am thinking it quickly becomes apparent if I am headed in the right direction.  A long walk and talk is my idea of pure joy!

AND if you add a walk in the woods or along some scenic byway---I am fairly certain I am as close to Heaven on Earth as I will get.

Set your own pace--always keeping the pace at a level where good conversation can ensue and you have the recipe for exercise at its best!  What is NOT to like about this scenario?

In today's daily Bible reading, God was walking with Enoch.  NOW most of us equate being "With God" with also kneeling--being face down--prostrate.  We have read of the consequences of looking upon the "Face of God."  Here we find an example of God actually walking with someone.  Noah is another who "walked with God".  What a blessing--what a special person to receive the blessing of walking with God--being by His side.  BUT, perhaps we all can experience this wonder.  As I think of the walks where I enjoyed being with another, it quickly becomes apparent I had to be present with them to truly experience their companionship.  I had to turn to them, hear them, converse with them as we walked--side by side--not follow the leader.  Could it not be possible to walk with God if we followed this same example.  If while walking, we talked to God, turned to Him, listened for Him, knew His presence, would we not be walking with God.  Why if you follow this model, our entire life could be a walk with God.  It is ALL about being present in HIs presence.  Look for Him, acknowledge His presence and enjoy standing side by side with Him.  The Holy God of the Universe---is waiting for you to take a walk with Him.

"Enoch walked with God;

and he was not,

for God took him."

Genesis 5:24

"Noah was a righteous man,

blameless in his generation.

Noah walked with God."

Genesis 6:9


  1. I do love prayer walking, and giving thanks to God when walking with my dog Bounce. Nice to meet you here in blogland.

  2. Thank you for the visit, Terra. I walk my dog, Hero several times a day. It is always a time to notice God's creation and pray for those He places in my thought.


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