Well I am fresh into a new year--just over one week and I have already begun to make excuses.  Making excuses does not surprise me, but after only one week it is a little disappointing.  This year I had decided on  a minimum number of steps I would take every day.  I have already decided one day of rest was needed--and then, before I knew it,  two days of not meeting this challenge is acceptable.  After all everyone needs a Sabbath and what about all those working years that I had two days off every week?  

Instead of looking forward, I have already turned and looked back at what the past two years looked like.  I seem to have survived without imposing this rigid schedule on myself, I am retired, and I've got a sore foot.  (This is a great deal like the string of excuses I love to laugh over ~ I ran out of gas, I had a flat tire, and my ox was in the ditch.)  The allure of the siren call of my sloth is just behind me and I have looked over my shoulder before I even got started good.  WELL, I will do better tomorrow ~as long as I keep my eyes on the road.  I am the queen of excuses and am really good at convincing myself it is okay.

Today's Bible reading was the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and Lot trying to save the city from destruction.  You know the story, it took the men (Angels) taking the hands of Lot and leading them away from the doomed city.  The men then warned them, "Escape for your life! Do not look behind you"  Paraphrase do not be tempted to turn and look upon your past.  Escape or you will also be destroyed.  Lot was still begging to not take this unknown path, and our Merciful God allowed him to go to Zoar.  God hears our pleas and understands our fear.  He is merciful.  God remembered Abraham and saved Lot.  I realized as I read this passage, we do not even know the name of Lot's wife.  All we know is she turned back and gazed upon the sin that had led to the destruction of the cities.  In her disobedience, the nameless wife became a pillar of salt. 

SO--what is our take away?  Jesus says, "Remember Lot's wife!" Luke 17:32.  We are instructed to not look back. " If we have left a life of sin, then we must not turn back to it."  Lot and his family were instructed to run for their lives and Jesus tells us to run from our evil desires.  Don't look back--or you will be tempted to go back.  Keep your eyes on the path in front of you and trust The One who leads you.

"And while he lingered, 

the men took hold of his hand,

his wife's hand, 

and the hands of the two daughters,

the Lord being merciful to him,

and they brought him out 

and set him outside the city."

Genesis 19:16


  1. Absolutely what I needed today, Lulu. Looking forward!

    1. I am delighted to hear from you! I have been praying for you and Danny. What a trial! Hopefully you are healing and home to your beloved Danny!

  2. I did a Google search on Lot’s wife. I. The Jewish tradition she is called Ado or Edith. Don’t know how they came up with that.
    Anywho…good blog today. I just finished my yoga class…now I thinking about eating or reading my book…but so far I’m just looking at my phone. Ugh!!!

  3. I did that search also, Vannie. GREAT MINDS!
    I ALWAYS vote eat! Those phones can become our slave masters!


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