I had planned to not do another "Read through the Bible in a Year" plan this year, but at the last minute I found a plan that may be the best I have ever used.  You can find this on the Bible app---HERE   The thing I really like about this plan is the devotional before you begin actually reading today's scriptures.  The points to ponder contained in the devotional create a road map for places of importance in today's reading.  It is NOT too late to begin your one year read through.  

This reading begins my day and often a selected reading from Psalm and Proverbs ends it.  Add to this the material we are studying in Small Group, the book we are in depth studying in Sunday School, Sunday's message which is always on The Word,  and hopefully I am receiving new insight into God and Who He is.

In today's reading, God created Eve from the rib in Adam's side.  She was created because God recognized it was not good for man to be alone.  Eve was created from "the flesh" of Adam, not from the dust as God created Adam.  This has the wheels turning.  Flesh of my flesh---was the woman who was to be the life giver (meaning of Eve).  Eve was created from Adam's side to be by his side.

What happens when we lose a spouse by any means or for a variety of reasons choose to never marry?  What becomes the purpose of a woman when she no longer or has never been the "help mate/assistant" God refers to in His Word?  Is her job--over and done or is she any less of a woman?  The universe of women seems to revolve around spouse and family.  Yes, there are other things in our lives, but our driving force is family.   Even when we never have children, family is the frequently common central theme in the lives of women.  What happens when our nest is empty and our mate is gone or the family we so adored gone?  Are we doomed to singing a lament in the trees over what was?  Is there life and purpose after our nest is empty our family dwindling?

Yes, Ladies, there is more life to be lived after we are alone.  There is SO MUCH more to God's will for our lives after we think we have lost our purpose.  It will take some searching, it will take LOTS of prayer, but God will show you the path He now has for you.  It is a different path, but it is still a rewarding, fulfilling, and God honoring path.  Do not be dismayed, do not get stuck in a rut, and do not give up.  There is more--so much more! 

I am not saying you will forget your grief--you will always remember those days and hopefully with comforting memories.  You will stop focusing solely on your loss---slowly.  As you step out in obedience and search for where and how God wants to use you, you will be mightily blessed and greatly enriched.  God will provide--if you allow Him.  He is a Good God.


  1. I love new and creative ideas for our devotional times with the Lord. He is so worthy of our best effort and attention. Thanks for sharing what's working for you, friend. Happy weekend.

  2. It works best for me to keep changing. I quickly become complacent otherwise, Linda.
    Blessings, My Friend!


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