A little blogging about home today---please bear with me.

We have an ongoing issue here in the hood over cleaning up behind your dogs.  There is a leash law in Ruston, but I do not think there is a law about cleaning up behind you dog as you walk them.  (There was in Fort Worth--it cost you $75 if you were caught not picking up after your furry friend)  It does go beyond comprehension how you could think it is not a problem to allow your dog to poop in your neighbor's yard, but it happens.  Remember Forrest?

This has become a sore subject in the otherwise peaceful hood.  Unlike a normal dog, The Wonder Dog spreads his poop around by walking as he poops (SORRY if that's too much information)  This means I have to pick up each individual deposit while stooping over.  I do it every time.  Love your neighbor!  I do not want your dog leaving his offering in my yard, so I will lead by example.

There are extenuating factors that have brought this poop crisis on.  It is winter and the weekly lawn mowing is not happening AND we are in a drought, which is very unusual for Louisiana.  In normal circumstances, the mowers spread it and the rain dissipates it.  Since that is not happening right now--there is a growing number of piles all over the neighborhood.  I must admit when I stepped down in a ditch to clean up after Hero and stepped into a neighbor dog's  pile--I was NOT happy.  

This could get ugly.   I love my neighbors and hope we always have a good and peaceful  relationship We have lots of children out playing in the Hood and mothers are not happy when their children step into a big pile, especially when it is brought home and tracked in.   Threats of returning the deposits to the owners, calling Animal Control, and neighbor face offs are causing rising tensions.  We have not reached the level of the stand off in Ukraine, but tempers are simmering.  How can we head off this crisis and remain Good Neighbors?  BY BEING A GOOD NEIGHBOR!

We would automatically pick up our garbage if the can was blown over.  We would know it is not neighborly to allow your garbage to blow into your neighbor's yard.  What makes it okay to allow your dog to leave a deposit of poop in your neighbor's yard?  It is puzzling.  I really would like to understand why this is okay.

SO, as the good book says~

"Love your neighbor as yourself."

Mark 12:31


  1. Picking up after our pets is the least we can do, Lulu. However, this post makes me glad I no longer have a dog - lol!

    1. It's my daily chore! 3-4 walks a day too, but that keeps me active. Hero is good company and never talks back or disagrees!


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