I recently had a good friend ask me about a post and why it did not correspond with her daily Bible reading--since we are reading the same plan.  Keep in mind, I write these blogs about two weeks before they are published.  This allows me time to chew on what I have said, reread and proof and sometimes even delete, after I have thought it over.  I also am a few days ahead on my daily devotional to keep my OCD at bay.  Something might happen and I might get behind--HEAVEN HELP ME!

I am not crazy - (well maybe a little)
Think about the sign
Men ~ Working Ahead

Speaking of ahead---stay with me a moment of loose association coming.  We are in the waning days of winter here in the Deep South.  Mother Nature will give us a day or two--sometimes a few days of Spring like weather as Spring approaches.  She likes to tease us and remind us of what is coming (ahead).  Today I am sitting here before my warm gas log fire, inside my warm house, with my warmest fleece on, looking out at grey skies with near freezing temperatures and a steady light rain falling.  The only thing I like about this kind of weather is watching it from the warmth of my home.  I do not want to leave home for any circumstances.  BUT the Wonder Dog has to have his walks-😖

I am anticipating wonderful spring like days to come while enduring yet another few days of frigid wet cold weather.  Just about the time we think we can not endure another day of this short stint of winter, we have a reprieve to remind us of what is coming.  Warm days, blue skies, trees leafed out, flowers blooming are all right around the corner.  I can see the trees beginning to bud out, it is time to put the feeders out to greet the returning humming birds, and I have begun receiving emails from all the nurseries to order my plants.  Spring is coming!

We will have a few brief weeks of Spring and then summer will be upon us.  Then we will endure months of heat and humidity which drives us back into the house or to the pool.  Then we have the respite of fall and those perfect fall days.  Those days are always short lived since we have only a few short weeks between the stifling days of summer to the first frost of the season.

As I thought this over, I realized these seasons of the year and the anticipation of those perfect days are a great analogy of our anticipation of the peace that will come with entering the next realm in the presence of God.  Life can be very difficult---we have feet of clay and make it even more difficult than intended.  Just as we begin to think we cannot endure another moment of the pain and strife we are in the midst of----God give us a moment of peace---a glimpse of what is to come.   Those glorious peace filled days in the midst of this trek through life are a reminder of the promise of Eternal Spring.  The perfection that can only be found in the presence of God Almighty is coming.  It is just ahead.

"For this reason they are before the throne of God,
and they serve Him day and night in His temple;
and He who sits on the throne will spread His tabernacle over them.
They will no longer thirst,
 nor will the sun beat down on them,
nor any scorching heat;
for the Lamb in the center of the throne will be their shepherd,
and will guide them to spring of the water of life;
and God will wipe every tear from their eyes."
Revelations 7:15-17


  1. Although I don't work on my blog quite as far ahead as you do, Lulu, I find it necessary so that I can go back and edit or discard once the ideas have had time to gel and marinate. Very rarely have I written and published a blog off the cuff, so to speak.
    I do love the hints of spring that we get as the winter begins to wane, but always stay prepared for that last winter blast, like the one that's coming this weekend, before I let my guard down. Stay warm this weekend!

  2. 2 weeks! Wow, that's so impressive.

    I'm still doing it when the Spirit moves. I'm not as organized and focused as you are ... I love how individual blogging is.


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