Am I the only one who does not love or even appreciate hashtags #?  


My venture into the land of hashtags was short lived and a failure.  I tried Twitter for a brief period of time---I have MUCH more to say than the limited spaces they give you.  Instagram requires a picture---I am the world's worst at remembering to take a picture of some occasion--much less adding hashtags.  And then you have to read those runonwords, which drive me nuts.  I am the queen of run on sentences--I took lessons from Paul of  NT fame.  BUT, I am sorry to say runonwords look like you cannot spell.  I am certain there are newer social platforms out there which love the runonwords, but I do not care.  I am done with the abbreviations and single word descriptions.  Life is MUCH MORE than a hashtag!

We have abbreviated the world to the point that we have forgotten how to write.  I have LOTS to say---and a picture with a few added #'s followed by runonwords does not cut it.  Someone needs to explain to me why this is necessary.  We are slowly morphing into a short cut world where the final words about us will be


I know there is a high cost of publishing an obituary for your loved ones, but I still look back occasionally at a select few and remember.  Honestly do you want to be remembered as a hashtag following a photo?  And as for those wonderful trips you share, or some momentous occasion, or a day with no comparison---could you possibly explain it with a few short runonwords?  Tell me the story---I want to know the story---describe your laughter or your tears or your jaw dropping glimpse of grandeur.  I want to know more than the abbreviation---tell me the story.  If you write a paragraph, I will read it--if you post a picture followed  by hashtags-----#NADA.

I know--I know--generation gap.  I think on this occasion, I am perfectly happy to live in the past.  Life is too precious and wonderful to proclaim it with a few short runonwords.  Tell me your story---I would love to read it!

PLEASE do not follow current trends--please be an individual---write it out--and we will read it!

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true,

 whatever is honorable,

 whatever is just, 

whatever is pure,

 whatever is lovely, 

whatever is commendable,

 if there is any excellence,

 if there is anything worthy of praise, 

think about these things."

Philippians 4:8

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  1. I never got the concept of hash tags either, Lulu, and as far as I'm concerned, I'll stay the old dog who doesn't learn this new trick. Give me a descriptive, well-written paragraph any day of the week!


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