I just finished a book about lighthouse keepers.  An entertaining story which I reviewed this past Saturday.  An unexpected addition to enjoying the book was being reminded of a principle of physics which I have not thought about in a long time.  Side note---physics was the science I loved most---combined science with loads of math.

 OH LOOK--GEOMTRY!  The principle of how a light house works is ~

The Angle of Incidence is equal to

the angle of reflection.

NOW--even if you hated math and abhorred science--this HAS to make sense to you--SURELY?  The days of man operated lighthouses are long gone, but the science behind the technology has not changed.  The rule of reflection remains the same.  NOW---if your mirror is NOT a flat plane---is curved or concave--anything but flat it changes the reflection.  That HAS to make sense to you!

As I thought over this principle I had two take aways~

1.  Our universe was created by God Almighty and the laws of science he used to make are still true today---they have not changed.  Gravity, energy, optics, sound ~ all of the scientific principles used to govern the universe are unchanging.  Do you not take great comfort in knowing the Master Architect knew exactly what He was doing?  What is more difficult for me to believe that God created all of this, or that it all happened quite by accident.

2.  As we absorb what God is teaching us---it is reflected.  There is a direct correlation between how intensely we seek God and how bright our light of reflection is.  Think that over!

I am always amazed at God teaching me in the most unusual ways.  Yes, I read my Bible daily--but there are big lessons which come from His creation, those I interact with, and the subtleties of life.  Who knew reading a book for entertainment could create a storm of pondering?  He is very inventive in His methods and uses all things  for His good purpose.  What an amazing God we serve.

"I praise You

because I am fearfully and wonderfully made,

Your works are wonderful,

I know that full well."

Psalms 139:14


  1. Not a big fan of math, Lulu, but all this makes perfect sense to me. God surely can teach us so many things about Him and His creation if we take the time to look for those lessons. Blessings!

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