Tired of hearing about the last grand visit?  Sorry, but they are rich fodder for blogging topics.  This one is NO exception!  

Found the dog door 

which the Wonder Dog refuses to use.

(He's OLD!)

I have already told you this little live wire requires constant attention.  I thought I had baby proofed before he came---WRONG!  He is an expert at finding things he should not be in to.  Someone must be following him around with every step he makes.  I had NO problem getting my steps in while he was here.  The things he finds amusing are amazing.  It never occurred to me that after he saw his dog go through the doggie door, he would immediately try to follow.  He discovered "No-No's" I had forgotten I even had.  Every moment he was awake we were right behind him with a vigilant eye.

There are times in life we will be the leader and times we will be the follower.  The question becomes when it is your time to be the leader where will you lead your followers?  As I read today's devotional and scripture, this question jumped out at me.

"The first thing he did after finding Jesus lived was find his own brother,

Simon, telling him,

'We've found the Messiah'.

He immediately led him to Jesus."

John 1:41-42 (The Message)

As I thought this over, I began to wonder who have I brought to Jesus?  This should be our life's goal, but am I living with intention to fulfill this goal?  Convicted is the word for today.

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  1. He is truly a fireball, Lulu! And yes, I often wonder if I've done enough to influence others to follow Jesus. Have to keep working on that.


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