At times when a blog topic hits me between the eyes, a song may go with it.  I immediately thought of this song when I was inspired by our small group study to write about love letters.  If you are from my generation, you are welcome for having this song stuck in your head all day.  The original version was written in 1945 and has been recorded by many artists.  Short and to the point, love letters reminds us of the power of the written word--especially when it is a personal letter.

Many of you have a box filled with loved letters stored away somewhere.  I have friends who speak of keeping every letter they have ever received.  What could be more valuable-more cherished than a letter affirming one's love for you?  Is there not a deep seeded need in all of us to be loved?  The letter is the proof--the confirmation of someone's love for us.

The author of our group study is Priscilla Shirer (daughter of Tony Evans).  When I am reading the study, I do not think about the author, I ponder on the truths contained in the book.  Her quote in tonight's video session brought this all home to roost.  "The difference in a book and a letter is the attention you pay to the author." 

If you write me a love letter, I am taking your missive personally and soaking in those words written for me.  I am remembering who wrote those words and that they are intended for me.  Reflecting on our relationship, those words become messages to my very heart.  I do not read the letter as a story --words flat on a page.  The combination of the author and the words give it a special meaning--highly personal.

So it is with God's Word to us--His Love Letter to His Beloved.  As our relationship deepens and grows with The Father, His letter to us becomes not just words on a page, but words sent to us--personally.  It takes on the character of an intimate -personal letter filled with His love for us.  A very special love letter---

"God told them,

'I've never quit loving you and never will.

Expect love, love, and more love!' "

Jeremiah 31:3 (The Message)


  1. Nothing better than receiving a sincere love letter, Lulu! I'll keep that in mind while reading scripture.


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