Still learning and thanking God for those He uses to teach me.  In Small Group this week, we are told to allow God to do the picking and choosing when it comes to how He uses us.  Confession----I am GUILTY of doing the picking.  I feel so burdened to be used by God that I do not give him time to do the pointing in the direction He has for me.  Instead I am out jumping in head first without waiting for His Green Light.

Can I tell you what a disaster it has been when I did not really hear from God, but instead took it upon myself to make something my current ministry.  OH SURE, God can still use me even in my impetus plunge, but it also can blow up in my face when it does not truly fit my gifts.  We were reminded to "RELAX", and wait to hear from God.  Without true conviction, and aligning or gifts with the ministry, we are asking for less than optimum use.  Pausing and looking to His Word for affirmation is NOT my strong suit.

Yesterday I discussed this with a trusted mentor.  I was reminded of the places God is using me---one on one - currently.  It is easy to get wrapped up in thinking "BIG" ministry.  The truth of the matter is God has a specific plan and purpose for each of us and the one on one is perhaps even more important and certainly just as important as the "BIG".  For each and every season, we are charged with service to His kingdom based upon where we are at that particular time.  

I will end with this wisdom from the author (Priscilla Shirer)

"When God speaks, His chief aim is to reveal Himself.  He desires to make Himself known and lead you into a more intimate relationship with Him.  If you overlook this main objective in search of more self-focused ambitions (even honorable ones), you will not be able to clearly discern His leading.  This distorting filter of pride and self-importance will skew what you're hearing, mistaking the voice of your own ego for the voice of God.  The clarity you desire comes from matching your chief aim in hearing Him with HIS chief aim in speaking to you.  That's how you weed out the voice of strangers, as well as your own."

"I glorified you on earth,

having accomplished the work that you gave me to do."

John 17:4


  1. There is such a thing as being overly eager to please God that we jump right in without stopping to listen.
    Great reminder, Lulu!

  2. It’s a bit easier to hear and discern when you are not physically able to do as much as you once could and wanted to do.


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