I have been battling an episode of the blues.  Who KNOWS where this comes from--something in my inner workings has gone haywire.  I know you remember, I come from a long line of depressed people.  Those of us who are blessed with the down gene battle it in a number of ways.  My personal solution has always been increased exercise.

It is a proven fact that if you get busy and exercise the endorphins you produce will lift your mood.  I call that getting the joy juices flowing.  Depression left untreated does not normally cure itself.  You have to push the reset button to get that new lease on life.

With my increased exercise, I have also cleaned out my sweat glands.  For you see, there is never a dry thread on me when I exercise in the summer.  One thing my body does and does well is sweat.  The James's have a predominate sweat gene.   No matter what time I get up or how late I stay up---exercise in the summer is conducive to sweat.  That old saying, 

(I am not certain I agree with the last phrase, but we will leave that for another day) does not apply to perspiring during exercise.   You cannot even walk out the door without breaking a sweat here in the deep South in the middle of summer.   It is not just hot--it is stifling.  YET--life goes on and we must continue with our daily routines.  We learn to grin and bear it  or smile and sweat through it.  Sweating is God's gift to help cool our bodies.  As long as we are sweating, we are okay.  It is when something goes wrong and we quit sweating during the hot-humid Louisiana summers that we are in trouble.  A heat stroke is just around the bend.

So circle back--my remedy for being down is more exercise.  Exercise produces sweat.  The Great Physician not only gives me a remedy for being down--He also provides the cooling agent to keep me from overheating while pursuing a cure.  What a magnificent God---our Creator---our Great Physician---our provider.  He is AMAZING!

"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Wonderful are your works;

my soul knows it very well."

Psalm 139:14


  1. Exercise always improves my mood, Lulu, and sweating is simply something that happens naturally when we push our bodies to do more. God is so very good, isn't He?

  2. We're worth so much
    Too much to treat ourselves so badly, stressed over so much


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