There was not one inspiration for writing when I got up this morning.  The Wonder Dog and I are out for his daily constitutional and inspiration hit me right in the eye--literally!  I woke up this morning with swollen allergy eyes---AGAIN.  What have I done to cause this after a slow improvement over the past few days?    I took a Benadryl last night at bedtime--but I am back at square one with red itchy eyes.

 NOT MY EYE-but this gives you an indication of what I am dealing
with.  The redness goes from my eyebrow to my cheek bone.

NOW--allergies are not my main topic.  My topic is history repeating itself.  It has dawned upon me lately that in many ways I am living my mother's life.  My brother and I recently laughed about her being up there pushing buttons to be certain I understood what she had endured during her lifetime.  I confess I was not always sympathetic.  At a very minimum I have a new appreciation  for her life path.  

The allergies have slowly intensified in the last few years until their crescendo this past year.  For all you allergy sufferers out there I feel your pain.  Relief is found in the fog of Benadryl  world.  I am NOT a fan of taking it, but desperate times can lead to desperate measures.    I am living in the hope that the first freeze gives me some relief, but the cooler weather has not done a thing to help.

Allergies are not the only genetic link to Momma----she also lived alone for a long time.  She lost a parent at an early age.  The list is long enough to make me wonder---does history repeat itself?

As I read my daily Bible reading (once again doing the Bible in a year--try it at least once if you have not before.  It is easily doable), I sometimes get bogged down in the Old Testament.  It seems to be on repeat.  Wars are a common theme.  Look at any history book and you will understand wars have been on repeat throughout history.  Today we have wars on several fronts throughout the world with the latest involving God's chosen the Israelites.  A definite pattern emerges when you read history.  

Thinking this over--I have come to the conclusion man's propensity to sin is the root cause of history repeating itself.  NOW--I am not saying sin caused my allergies---but my allergies led me to the circular path of man's propensity to sin leads to history repeating itself.  God uses ALL things!   The root cause of many of our woes (not all) very well could be sin.  This is a LONG and deep discussion.  For today I leave you with the question---



"What has been, it is what will be,

And what has been done,

it is what will be done."

Ecclesiastes 1:9-11

"Behold, I was brought forth in guilt,

And in sin my mother conceived me."

Psalm 51:5

"Among them we too all previously lived in the lusts of our flesh,

indulging the desires of the flesh and of the mind,

and were by nature children of wrath, just as the rest."

Ephesians 2:3


  1. History certainly does repeat itself, Lulu. As Solomon would tell us, there is nothing new under the sun. I agree, too, that much of earthly misery is the result of our sinful natures. May we seek the Lord's forgiveness and grace when it is called for.
    Hope your allergies disappear soon!


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