As I began working on this week's Bible Study, it occurred to me I seldom hear anyone called "Stingy" these days.  Is there so much plenty out in the world today, that we never feel deprived?  I remember distinctly called others "Stingy Pants", but it was during those early years - pre-20.  It usually concerned someone having food or a "thing" (toy especially) that I wanted and they were unwilling to share.  Sharing is not always an easy concept to learn.  I might dare to say--some never learn the concept.  

One of my roommates in college really got my dander up by her unwillingness to share the food she brought back to the dorm from home.  Her mother was an excellent cook and she never lacked for home-cooked food and treats.  My mother was a no cook-ever.  Once Daddy died and the "help" went away, we ate to exist only.  In fairness, she was left with three children to raise - alone and she had a very demanding job.  I get it now.  But how I would have loved a bite of the dressing the roommate brought back one time as my mouth watered.  Funny the things we remember so vividly.  And I was so envious over the always present homemade sweets.  She flat out told us---she did not share.  NOW--I understand--it was hers, but eating in front of your roommates and not even offering a bite???  STINGY PANTS!

My sweet little caboose grand is turning three today---we celebrated all weekend and his Chicago family is here too.  He is learning slowly but surely to share.  BUT somedays he even tortures his poor dog, Pickles, by taking Pickles' toys and running off with them-holding them high above his head.  Pickles is a saint of a dog and never retaliates.  HMMMM-on second thought she has been known to grab the grand's stuffed animals and tear the stuffing out of them when the baby is not around---that's called passive aggressive.  

Mine is one of the first words we learn.  We come into this world not wanting to share--grabbing all we can get.  Some of us never get over it.  Even in our world of plenty we are unwilling to share with those who have less.  I worked for this--I earned this---why should I give it to someone who has less?  We never stop to consider their circumstance or why they might have less--and even none at times.

Where am I headed--what does this have to do with Bible Study ?  We are studying Psalm 62 this week.  One of the questions concerns the repeated "my" in the chapter.  David is proclaiming not once but twice~

"My soul finds rest in God alone;

my salvation comes from him.

He alone is my rock and my salvation;

he is my fortress,

I will never be shaken."

Psalm  62:1-2

David repeats almost these exact words in verses 5-6.  When thinking over why David repeated the words, I considered was it a chorus?    THEN the next question pointed to the repeat of "MY".  As I pondered this, it occurred to me---until God is MINE---my personal God, I do not really have a relationship with Him.  Until I am His and He is mine, He is not mine to share.  So perhaps the repeated use of "My" is more about acknowledgement of David's intimate relationship with His personal God.  God has to be his (David's) before he (David) has a right to share Him.  He has to acknowledge the relationship.  What think ye?


  1. I love your interpretation here, Lulu, and I think you are spot on! We can't share with another until we acknowledge our possession is actually ours to share. That certainly makes it more personal and generous.

    1. So thankful He desires a relationship with me!


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