Dr. Google tells us the meaning of "in denial" is

 to be fooling yourself about the reality of your situation

Recently I have found myself rehashing things which happened years ago--in some cases decades ago.  Things which I am not proud to admit happened or that I did.  While thinking over these events, a very real truth dawned upon me.  Though I am certain God has forgiven me--He promised that with Jesus as my Savior, He would cleanse me from all unrighteousness--I am living in denial of that being the case.  The human side of me has held on to the guilt and shame, or why else would I dredge it up again?

Where does that guilt and shame come from?  Mankind has heaped those burning coals on us.  For though we know we have gotten straight with God, we are refusing to let go of the guilt and shame which our fellow man views our actions.   SO THEN---are we denying God and His promises by carrying the same feelings of remorse we should be rid of?    Are we indeed giving man's opinions and thoughts more credence than what God has promised us? 

The final step in forgiveness may well be admitting our inability to reject man's judgement or our belief in how man is judging us to God Almighty.  To ask Him to take our "feelings" which arise from our feet of clay and banish them.  This may not be a one and done action.  We may have to re-address it when we allow the enemy to influence our thoughts and once again dreg up those negative thoughts.  

I, for one, do not want to live with shame or guilt from long ago transgressions.  I, for one, do not want to deny the power of what Jesus has done for me.  I, for one, am asking God to remove any doubt or refusal to let go.  Perhaps I am the only one who has things in their past they would rather not remember.  BUT, if you are also plagued with shame or guilt over things for which you have been forgiven, I encourage you to give that inability to let it go to God.  AND watch Him set you free.

"If we confess our sins,

He is faithful and righteous

to forgive our sins

and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

John 1:9




  1. As I've gotten older, Lulu, I realize there are things I've done or failed to do, and have yet to truly let go of them. Yes, I know I'm forgiven by Jesus, but thoughts linger. I need to pray more often for God to help me totally let go.

    1. Everytime it pops into your head is my answer.

  2. These thoughts are not from God is what I tell myself. It must be the season of reminiscing and remembering trespasses we’ve done and those that were done to us!


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