I am traveling today---the entire family is headed to Lake Austin to celebrate Thanksgiving.


If you are also travelling today--you can bet your last dollar your are among the majority.  Most of my crew is coming tomorrow early--to avoid the mess in the photo above.  I have the luxury of leaving early today---taking a backroads route, which though it may take me longer will be much more enjoyable.  Interstate 35 which leads directly to Austin should be renamed I-35 Racetrack.  The speed limit is 75---and that is the STARTING POINT for most of the drivers.  There is always construction and delays involving stopped and crawling traffic.  IF you think this sounds like a piece of cake---think 3 lanes of traffic going at least 75---most of the time much more- bumper to bumper for as far as the eye can see.  Surely that pushes your anxiety button.  Frankly it makes me want to run and scream.  I STRONGLY DISLIKE THIS SCENERIO.  

NOW what you may ask is there to be thankful about this?  Well for starters, we have cars to travel in, fuel to propel them, and a great road system to get where we want to go.  I have not forgotten the days of no interstates--traveling from Farmerville to Fort Worth where my Aunt lived involved an entire day's travel.  Road trips had to be carefully planned since there were not opportunities for gasoline, food, and rest every few miles.  Truth in proving how old I am is remembering my mother putting a little chamber pot in the car for desperate times.  WELL if you are not thankful for today's vast improvements, you are too young to remember the trials of travel in the l950's.

I am thankful that I have many options for getting to Austin.  Yes, the quick and easy way is the direct route on the interstate.  I have always loved the by-roads and I am certain I will enjoy going through the beautiful hill country as well as the plentiful ranches along the route less taken.  And then there are all the little towns I will drive thru~ a beautiful reminder of the years of my youth when the small town was the center of activity since travel was so cumbersome.  Hopefully I will see leaves changing, clothes hanging on the line, and friends congregating along the path.  A pleasant reminder of a simpler time.

Then there is the reason for the trip---being with family.  Everyone but Dr. Son In Law will be there ~ He works Thanksgiving and New Years to have Christmas with his family.  We are traveling to #1 Son's home--beautiful Lake Austin.  We are spread out in 3 houses within walking distance of each other and the time will be spent eating, playing games, eating, staring at the beautiful lake, eating, maybe a little hot tub time, eating, and solving all of the world's problems, and eating dessert.   ( Actually we do not talk politics and if they start up---I quickly exit stage right)  It is my favorite holiday of the year---the only expectation is plenty of food.  Last year we had NO leftovers after our dinner---they have given me grief ever since and are making certain this year there are left overs. ( I did not plan well for 5 of the 7 grands are eating like grown men.)  After all we all know holiday fare  is always better the second and third time around.  

YES--I am thankful for being together in this hurry scurry world.  Yes- this involves lots of work and planning and travel.  BUT there is NO substitute for all being together--NONE!! 




"Then I will praise God's name with singing,

and I will honor Him with Thanksgiving."

Psalm 69:30




  1. Lulu, I'm so looking forward to your daily Advent posts! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy every moment with your family - wish we could be doing the same.

    1. Ah, Martha, this is the one holiday we are all together. I am thankful for the one. Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with joy and peace.


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