We center a great deal of our Advent thoughts around Mary and The Blessed Baby.  The Nativity plays always have the entire host of characters associated with the first Christmas as depicted by this painting.   Center Stage---ALWAYS---are Mary & the Baby.  

One of the gifts I have given to my grandchildren is a Fisher Price Nativity Scene.


It is very telling to see how they place the figures in the scene.  The baby is fixed, but the rest--they may place as they see the story.  Man places a great deal of emphasis on the story as He thinks it played out.  What we do not address, nearly as much, is Joseph and how this all impacted his life in our retelling of the Christmas story.

We spoke of Mary and the shame that might have been associated with a baby born out of wedlock.  As a woman, of course, we all tend to have compassion upon Mary.  It does feel like much of the shame is placed upon the woman when a baby is born in this manner.  Mary, Joseph & Elizabeth all knew the father of the child was God Almighty, but the scandal loving - gossip spreading - community for which they were a part---they more than likely chose to believe the worst.

AND Joseph---we all know men love to gossip too.  Can you just see the winks behind his back as Joseph announces where the baby came from?  Would you rather believe Joseph or let your imagination jump to its own conclusion?  We have feet of clay---we had rather believe the worst for the sake of a good story than the truth.  Our loyalty goes only so far.  Joseph and Mary knew the truth---they were obedient, but you can be certain there were consequences.  God was their defender and they could live in the peace of truth--but man---well man is fickle--at best.  

Joseph took the role God cast upon him and protected and stood by Mary's side.  In the eyes of the world, He had every right to abandon Mary, but He did not.  He was not only obedient, but he quietly observed all that happened that first Christmas.  Just as God is our protector and provider---so Joseph was to Mary.  God Bless Joseph for His Major Role--so quietly and powerfully played.  Joseph was indeed a man of GREAT integrity.  The earthly father, provider, and protector of Mary and her Blessed Baby.

"When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him

 and took Mary home as his wife."

Matthew 1:24

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  1. Joseph is too often the unsung hero of this miraculous story, Lulu. The dedication in my first book in The Glade Series is dedicated to loving step-fathers everywhere, and I do mention Joseph by name.


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