It's no secret how much I love my little buddy, Hero.  He has been my faithful companion since I rehabbed his back injury and claimed him as mine.  After putting weeks of effort into rehabbing and housebreaking, I found it was quite nice to have someone to talk to who ALWAYS listens and seems to think I am "Hot Stuff".  He does not let me out of his sight if I am around and is most unhappy when I leave him behind.  

I have cried many a tear over losing my dogs over the years.  Why do we get so attached to our pets?  My personal opinion, because they love us without condition;  forgive us, unfailingly, when we are not good masters; and make very few demands upon us.  NOW in Hero's case---he has me pretty well trained.  No matter the weather, we walk; he sleeps in my bed (but does not complain when I am flailing around and he has to move over; and I make certain the food is in the bowl twice a day (and an added bonus of the last bite of many things I eat).  He is not happy when I am not around---he howls when he misses me.  He will behave and allow others to hold him and pet him, but he had much rather be in my arms.  He guards me by having a hissy fit over any other large dog--and he will and try to run them off- all ten pounds of him.  He is my faithful companion and there is never a doubt in my mind that he loves me.  I return that love by taking good care of him.

NOW---don't shoot the messenger--and think this over, Hero loves me as close to God as any created being could.  That is a sad commentary on humanity (including me) , when our pets faithfully love us without hesitation or condition, but mankind is not so generous.  God is faithful, God loves us without condition, God forgives us--over and over, God provides for us, and God only wants us to be by His side.  Hoping you can understand what I am saying.  This is CERTAINLY not comparing our pets to God----this is pointing out the boundlessness of their love--which closely resembles the unlimited love of God.  God is love and all other love flows from Him---even the pets He created to give us pleasure and companionship.

"So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us.

God is love,

and whoever abides in love abides in God,

and God abides in him."

I John 4:16


  1. Our dogs can teach us so much about God's unconditional love, Lulu, and Hero is no exception. I find it fascinating that the word "God" and the word "dog" have the same letters. Is that not a coincidence?

    1. I hope Danny is recovering and I know you both are delighted to be back home.


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