My current binge of watching episodes of "Mindless Chatter" involves the medical field.  It is no secret among those who know me well that I have endeavored to get my M.D. through Dr. Goggle, various laymen's books including a Nurse's Guide to Drugs, and medical soap operas on television.  I keep waiting for my diploma to arrive, but so far no one has recognized my vast medical knowledge.  Dr. Son-in-law literally rolls his eyes back in his head if I dare try to enlighten him with my medical wisdom.   HEY---I KNOW THINGS!


The show I am currently watching sometimes focuses on the ER (in England they call it A & E--SEE I know things).  In one short 40 minutes everything bizarre and life threatening  imaginable will happen.  Last night it was a broken baseball bat which had impaled a woman and was sticking out of her chest.  The night before it was a typhon arriving with a mudslide (crushing and suffocating) and THEN a church bus evacuating those stranded was blown over and wrecked right in front of the ER-(that was convenient).  I have not been sleeping well--perhaps the adrenaline rush after watching an hour of this fast paced--action filled show could be part of the cause???  At any rate---I have seen more action on these shows than I can imagine in my wildest moments.  My career as a CPA had one client throw a file at me and some clients jump my case like I wrote the tax laws that created their tax burden, but that was about all the action (the long hours are another subject).  There were NO emergencies in the world of taxes -well except the failure of some to anticipate and plan for where the money would come from to pay said taxes.  I even had a sign that said it for me in my lobby (a little tongue in cheek but a lot of truth)

SO I once asked my dear Godly friend, Dr. Dale, if all the action you saw in those ER shows really happened when he staffed the ER.  As only Dr. Dale could, he gave me that look out of the corner of one eye with his eyebrow raised and a little grin and said, "Yes, but not all in one night.  You see it all--but it is spread over years."  I miss that dear man greatly.

So it is with life---we all have moments of suffering--physically and emotionally--but usually (I will say some do seem to have it piled on) over decades.  We WILL suffer in this life.  Their will be illness, death of loved ones, accidents, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.  The road to sanctification passes through great and small trials of various types.  BUT we have a faithful Father who never leaves our side.  I can testify of countless times I have told Him, "I can't do this without Your help."  He has never failed to uphold me, love me--stand by me.  I am so thankful and, though the road gets bumpy and can be steep---God always walks with me--encourages me--teaches me--and is never surprised or caught unaware.  Such a comfort--and with each incident in life---my faith has deepened.  What a great God we serve.

"Have I not commanded you?

Be strong and courageous.

Do not be frightened,

and do not be dismayed,

for the Lord your God is with you

wherever you go."

Joshua 1:9


  1. It's only because God walks with me that I can face the challenges that come my way. Thank goodness for His love and grace!
    Blessings, Lulu!


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