Today's post came via the inspiration of the book I am slowly savored--AND a long line of sweet dogs who were part of my family over the years.  As I was walking The Wonder Dog early this morning, I thought of how much we can learn about God and creation by all things in our lives---but for a while---I am going with the dogs (NOT TO THE DOGS).  It is remarkable how many traits we humans share with dogs.  A co-incidence---I THINK NOT.

Hero is NOT just your ordinary dog---he is unique.  I have never had a dog anything like him---I refer to him as the dog who acts like a cat.  Unlike most dogs--he is not jumping all over you to get your attention and affection.  He only demonstrates those tendencies if we have been apart for a few days.  THEN---he is all over me---for about 5 minutes---and then he remembers I left him (the reason does not matter nor does it matter who I left him with)  and he pays me back by pouting. 

NOW---pouting seems to come naturally to Hero.  If I am on the phone, or someone comes to visit, or we go for a visit and he does not have my undivided attention he pouts.  He literally turns his back to me and ignores me.

You will note he is making certain I can see him from my couch in the next room.  What is the point of pouting if no one notices.  He thinks he is punishing me and he is busy showing his disdain for my behavior---little does he know I am over here giggling at his behavior.  He can be quite entertaining.

NOW--I can get back into His Highness's good graces by a treat---or a walk---or throwing his toy---or anything which gives him my total attention.  He is an easy mark.  He can be so fickle--but deep down---he just wants my love and attention---on his terms.

THIS has such a familiar ring---I have been guilty of the same behavior with loved ones.   I am displeased or unhappy with some slight--some thing said or not--some misstep---I pout.  I hate confrontation so I passively aggressively resort to the "silent treatment"---I pout.  NOW--I am not proud of that behavior and thankfully God has redeemed that sinful trait and I have learned to just get over myself and let things pass.  BUT he had to work on me for a long time--before I understood my behavior hurt me--first and foremost--much more than it hurt anyone else.

This brings me to today's point---do we pout with God?  When things have not gone our way---when we do not understand how God could allow certain things to happen---do we refuse to communicate with Him?  Do we turn our backs---and give Him the silent treatment?  I can only answer for myself---but I challenge you to really think this over.  He never turns His back on us---is infinitely patient---and loves us even when we are being brats.   SO THANKFUL--for God's grace---for I certainly do not deserve it.  BUT He only wants us to turn to Him--and speak our mind.  HE always listens--but do we?

"The Lord passed before him and proclaimed,

'The Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and gracious,

slow to anger,

and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness,

keeping steadfast love for thousands,

forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin,"

Exodus 34:6-7


  1. Pouting? I've certainly had my own moments of doing so, and I'm not proud of that one bit. Thanks be to God, He's big enough to understand my weaknesses and gives me the courage and determination to stop bad behavior and live a full life in Him. Give Hero an extra pat from me!
    Blessings, Lulu!


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