Are you tired of hearing about Hero yet?  He is proof in the pudding that if we stop and observe there are lessons all around us.  AND we spend most of the day together.  In His old age, I do not leave him for long periods of time and I am fairly certain he feels as if he is watching over me.

Our daily routine (yes, I know I have told you repeatedly, BUT it plays into the post) includes at least three walks--depending upon what shape his stomach is in.  Some nights-it's every hour on the hour, but he is my responsibility and I take care of him.  Our longest walk of the day is first thing in the morning---up to two miles; then after napping all morning because I wore him out we walk around half a mile at noon;  the final walk of the day in the late afternoon is a mile.  For a really small dog---that is a lot of walking---he might outlive me!

With all this walking-- I don't talk to him because he does not talk back and MAINLY I prefer to not appear crazy (it's a struggle to conceal it somedays).  So instead of talking to myself, or having earbuds blaring in my ear, I observe and ponder what I observe.  One of Hero's quirky habits is how he handles the leash.  As long as he is walking in front or by my side, we have no problems.  BUT if he gets behind me--he comes to a dead dog stop (pun intended).  He absolutely refuses to be pulled along or led down the path.  Stubborn as a mule!

I have literally pulled his collar off trying to lead him.  You would think I was trying to lead him into quicksand.  I ALWAYS win---for when he digs his heels in, I turn around and snatch him up and carry him for a few feet until he gets the idea I am bigger and win, while rolling my eyes.   Usually (not every time) he gets the drift and goes with the flow sniffing his way down the path.  What Hero does not seem to realize is I have a plan for his walks--we change up the route everyday to give him a variety of things to sniff and see.  His current favorite path is along a busy street which has a dead possum about half a mile away---Don't nobody want to smell that!  So even though he always pulls in that direction--for a while (no vultures in the city) we will have to divert.  This is for his good and well as mine.

Reminds me a great deal of ALL of us---we don't mind walking the path God has for us--as long as we feel we have the lead--or at least are walking beside Him.  The next thing you know we are headed down some stinky path and God has to pull us back in line.  He has infinite patience--and even when we stubbornly refuse to follow his lead---He corrects us with great love.  Do you think God rolls His eyes?   I really wouldn't blame Him a bit.

"He restores my soul;

He leads me in the paths of righteousness 

for His name's sake." 

Psalm 23:2-3


  1. I wouldn't blame God one bit for rolling His eyes at His wayward children, Lulu. We are as stubborn as Hero at times. I do love all the lessons you've given us this week.

    1. Hero is almost as good at providing fodder as my grands--:-)
      Blessings, Martha!


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