This book was recommended by #1 Daughter with this---"Mom, I know you will like this."  She was spot on.  NOT your run of the meal novel---different.  I like different, and this story was easy to read and entertaining.  An animal story---a dysfunctional family (or lack thereof), a human drama, a little mystery (you will figure it out--but that does not detract---a satisfying ending.  AND VERY DIFFERENT STORY--BY A GREAT STORY TELLER.  What more could you want?  I really enjoyed this book--in the midst of the chaos of moving---it was the perfect come down every night.  I relished it a chapter or two at a time---perfect.

You can find this book HERE.      AND I am not offended if you go to the library--in fact--bravo for you.  Remember I am an Amazon Associate---and though it might be nice to get rich from commissions---I do share any that come my way with the least of these.  BUT Amazon----here is my disclaimer---I might get a very small commission--but we all know who is getting rich off Amazon and it is not me or the delivery person.  My lazy rear end is thankful for having things brought to my front door---so I am definitely not anti-Amazon--just lazy.


  1. We obviously have the same taste in books. Also one of my very favorite ones. I recommend it all the time. I think you might like one i just finished. “ The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell “. It is by Robert Dugoni. Miss you old friend! If you get this way, let me know you are coming!❤️

  2. I am up to my eyeballs in books to read, Lulu, so I will have to wait on ordering this right now. It does sound like an interesting read.


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