Truth in posting, I was NOT always the good girl that you might think I am.  The question became--not would I dare--but what would be the truth of the consequences if I did dare?  Momma was well known for her harsh consequences if you dared and she found out.  SO my thought processes began with--what were the chances that she might find out I had  dared?  If I had a breathe of a chance of daring without her knowing--I was good to go.  Sometimes the cost of getting caught was not high enough to keep me from the pleasures of the dare.  Don't you dare---was like waving a red flag in the bull's face.  I was off to the challenge--without really considering the cost---until I got caught.  It seemed when something was forbidden it became even more appealing.

I recently was having a conversation with a friend who told me she was always a good girl--she thought probably a boring girl.  I told her--you do not live with regret when you follow the rules.  Even when we do not get caught in the act--there is the consequence of the guilty conscience.  God created us with a conscience---for our own good.  If we all could flagrantly disobey all the rules--we would be living in anarchy.  What a mess that would be if everyone did as they wanted---without regard for their fellow man.  Our actions have ripple effects and others are affected when we step out of bounds of the rules for society.  When we lose our concern for others, we are setting ourselves up to live a lonely life.

Is it just me and my pessimism or are we living in a time of "Me First"?  Have we lost regard for those around us--thinking first and foremost of what might please us?  That would be called entitlement.  BUT just as I begin to think we are headed down the slippery slope of narcissism, I hear some wonderful account of a great deed of compassion by someone.  A story of dying to self--and living for others comes my way and I am overwhelmed with the hope all is not lost.  Thankfully---there is still an inherent basis of good in most of us.  If we could only stay away from the dares, how much nicer and simpler life would be.

"And this is love:

that we walk in obedience to His commands.

As you have heard from the beginning,

His command is that you walk in love."

"2 John: 1:6

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  1. If we live to obey God and serve others, our lives are rich, indeed, Lulu. May we give our time and love to those God has given to us.


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