My new to me home is a bevy of activity with multiple crews there some days.  They have ALL been super nice and courteous to the old lady who is hovering around and asking questions.  I cannot help but wonder if in the back of their mind they are wishing I would please stay our of the way.  There are times when things get messy (sanding woodwork) I am happy to get out of the way.  Other times---I think I have things I need to do and they are having to work around me.  AND there might be a part of me who believes I need to be in control---   ARE WE EVER REALLY IN CONTROL?  My being in the way and asking questions is definitely a hinderance to forward motion.  They know what they are doing--they have a plan--and I am standing directly in their path and slowing down progress.  Things would go MUCH smoother and swifter--if I would just get out of the way and let them work.

As I thought about this, I was reminded how many times we get in God's way when He has a plan, but we refuse to stand aside.  We want to be in control---we forget His plan is the best plan---we think we have all the answers.  AND we stand right smack dab in the middle of His way--impeding progress.  I am certain He is shaking His head---lovingly--and wondering if He will ever learn.  When we tell God we want His way to be our way---why do we then start asking questions and digging our heels in wanting our way?  Are you tired of me talking about this house project yet?  It has been pretty consuming and I do not have much time to think about anything else.  Bear with me---there will come a time when I can think about other things.

" 'What no eye has seen,

nor ear heard,

nor the heart of man imagined,

what God has prepared for those

who love Him' "

I Corinthians 2:9

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  1. So often, we need to get out of our own way when it comes to allowing God to work, truly work, in our lives, Lulu. And no, I'm not weary of hearing about the renovation process of your new home. No apologies needed. Blessings!


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