Hero has never seen a cat he did not hate.  He immediately reacts when he spots one.  Since he is not able to bark much-- he spits and gives sort of a growl (when he came to me--he was unable to bark and I suspect he damaged his throat when tied up before his life as a rescue )---he even tries to jump out of my arms.  He literally throws a hissy fit trying to get to the cat.  If I need to motivate him to move on---all I have to say is "Where is that cat?"    Now--he is no genius, but he definitely associates the sound of the word cat with his hated nemesis.   The apartment complex and adjacent neighborhood  are filled with feral cats and he is on the hunt anytime we go out the door.  He catches their scent before I even see them.  It takes my constant vigilance to keep him safe.  I often wonder what he would do if I let him go and he discovered those hated cats have claws  and accustomed to street fighting.  


Now that we have established Hero's disdain for all cats, the question becomes why does Hero hate all cats?  Hero has never really had any interaction with a cat.  We are all dog people in our family.  I am even allergic to cats, so although I like them--I do not pet them.  Has this hatred been bred into him?  Has he made a judgement based solely upon some scent or seeing something different?  Where does his deep seeded hatred come from?  What is his base for the judgement that this is his mortal enemy?

How many times do we pull a Hero and hate--or perhaps strongly dislike --or hold in disdain others because of a judgement not based upon fact?  Do we listen to others or form our own opinions?  Are we willing to give someone "different" a chance before waging all out war?  Questions for your pondering today.

"There is neither Jew nor Greek,

there is neither slave nor free,

there is no male and female,

for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

Galatians 3:28


  1. Let's all try to check our hate or dislike at the door before we do something rash to another whom we really don't know. Great reflection, Lulu!

    1. Hero is a wonderful teacher, Martha.


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